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1. Choose the correct variant.

1 I helped / was helping my mum yesterday. It’s your turn today.

2 Tom often walk / walks to school.

3 We have / don’t have dinner at nine o’clock every evening.

4 I was finishing / finished my homework an hour ago.

5 Were you watching / Did you watch TV at six o’clock yesterday?

6 Did you talk / were you talking to a friend when I met you yesterday?

7 I did / was doing my homework when you called.

8 We have studied English for three years / last summer.

9 They haven’t spoken to each other since a week / yesterday evening.

10 What time did she arrive since yesterday / last night?

2. Put the verbs in the brackets in the correct tense. Sometimes more than one answer is possible.

1 He couldn’t go to the theatre because he (not buy) ___________________________________________ a ticket.

2 He (smoke) ________________________________ 30 cigarettes every day, but at the moment he (try) ________________________________ to give it up.

3 We (not use) ________________________________ this room today because it’s very cold inhere.

4 When I arrived home, I found that my mother (go out) ________________________________.

5 My English teacher (not allow) ________________________________ us to use dictionaries in the exams.

6 I (not play) ________________________________ football for ages. The last time I (do) ________________________________ it was 5 years ago.

7 «What (you /do) ________________________________ at 9 o'clock last night?» the policeman asked.

8 Danny (think) ________________________________ he is the most handsome boy in the world.

9 Henry came home from his holidays yesterday and discovered that someone (come into) ________________________________ his house while he was out.

10 The objective of the last campaign (not be) ________________________________ only to sell as many products as possible.

11 I (phone) ________________________________ my parents tomorrow, as soon as I (have) ________________________________ the results of my check - up.

12 I’m sure that our team (win) ________________________________ the Cup.

13 Those clouds are very black, aren't they? It (rain) ________________________________ soon.

14 My boss (leave) ________________________________ early every Friday, so we (not work) ________________________________ very hard on Fridays.

15 Mr. Smith (be) ________________________________ free 5 minutes ago, but now he (talk) ________________________________ to some customers on the phone.

16 German is a language that (have) ________________________________ as many irregular verbs as English.

17 I can't do gymnastics today because I (just break) ________________________________ my arm.

18 (You / work) ________________________________ hard when you were at school, grandma?

19 At 8:30 last night, 1 (not read) ________________________________, I was watching television.

20 Beethoven (write) ________________________________ many good pieces of classical music.

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