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Match the beginning of the sentences on the left with the endings on the right.

What the organs do

1 The heart A circulates around the body supplying oxygen to the cells.

2 The skin В beats more than 100,000 times a day.

3 Blood  C helps to regulate body temperature.

4 The kidneys D helps to clean the blood.

5 The liver E separate waste liquid from the blood.


Match the problems below with common medicines.

1 You can’t sleep.  A antibiotics

2 You have a dry cough. В painkillers

3 You have a chest infection. C eye drops

4 You have a bad backache. D cough mixture

5 You have an eye infection. E sleeping pills


Disease Symptoms How To Be Treated

Common Cold

— sore throat

— runny nose

— cough, headache

— sneezing

— red eyes

— gel lots of bed rest

— eat good food

— drink lots of liquids

— take medicine for pain

— if sick more than three days, see a doctor

Sore Throat — throat hurts

— often with fever

— see a doctor, drink lots of liquids

— take medicine for pain


— lungs hurt

— noise in the lungs

— hurts to breathe

— cough

— see a doctor, get lots of bed rest

— take antibiotics

— drink lots of liquids

— take medicine for pain


— fever, throat hurts

— pain in muscles

— headache

— gel lots of bed rest

— eat good food, drink lots of liquids

— take medicine for pain


— coughing

— coughing up blood

— lose weight quickly

— feel very tired

— sweat at night

— see a doctor immediately

— follow the doctor’s orders!

— take antibiotics

— eat good food

— get lots of bed rest

  1. Use three of the verbs above to fill the gaps in the dialogue below.

Ann. I don’t know what to do. I seem to (1) ________ weight so easily. Every time I weigh myself, I’m a kilo heavier!

ваrrу. Well, you do eat a lot of fatty food — perhaps you should (2) ________ it.

Ann. Oh, I don’t know. I find it very difficult to stick to a diet.

ваrrу. At least you should try to cut down on all those burgers you eat. Perhaps you could (3) ________ a gym or a health club.

1 join

2 lose

3 put on

4 go on

5 resist

  1. Put the phrases into the correct list below.

My Mum’s in really good shape. She goes to the gym twice a week and plays tennis on Sunday. My dad, on the other hand, is really unfit. He spends all day in front of the TV — he gets out of breath if he has to get up to answer the phone! My sister’s a swimming instructor. As you can imagine, she’s as fit as a fiddle, but my brother, who used to play rugby every weekend, has let himself get really out of condition — he must have put on twenty kilos in the last two years. Finally, there’s my grand-dad. He’s nearly eighty but he’s got loads of energy. He plays golf three times a week and jogs round the park.

Fit    Not fit

  1. Match these lifestyle problems with the pieces of ads ice below.

The problems


My hair always feels lifeless and oily. If I wash it in the morning, I need to wash it again when I come home from work. And I can’t get rid of the spots on my face.


If I buy a new pair of trousers, they don’t fit me after a couple of months. So now I buy all my trousers one size too big. That way they last twice as long.



I get really breathless if I have to go upstairs nowadays. I used to be able to run up the stairs.

Now' I have to stop hallway up and have a rest.

When I come home from work, the first thing I do every evening is pour myself a large gin and tonic. It’s the only way I can relax.


You are simply eating too much. If you are putting weight on so quickly, you must simply eat less and eat more healthily. Try cutting out all sugar and butter immediately, then start cutting out other things, like cream. Change to semi-skimmed milk.


You're smoking too much. At the moment you are breathless. What will you do when the doctor tells you it’s cancer?


Look carefully at your diet. Are you eating too many oily foods, like chips or potato crisps?


You’d be far better playing squash or tennis after work. That would help you relax far better. You need less stress in your life.

Виконайте тест

Під час роботи над тестом не можна користуватися будь-якими підручниками, посібниками, словниками тощо.


Read and complete the text below. For each of the empty spaces (1—12) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).


Some gestures are used by all British and American people. Many are appropriate in informal situations; others are considered rude. Some people make many gestures when they speak, so they are said to talk with their (1) ________. People nod (move their (2) ________ gently up and down) to indicate «yes». (3) ________ the head from side to side means «no». When somebody (4) ________ this gesture with the eyes wide open it indicates disbelief. If there is a (5) ________ smile then the person is also amused. Pointing with the (6) ________ (first finger) at somebody or something show's which person or thing you want or are talking about. If you stick your fingers in your (7) ________ you cannot stand the noise of something. People often shake (8) ________ when they are introduced to each other or when they make agreement. Sometimes people (9) ________ their feet (usually one foot) on the floor in time to music, but more often the gesture shows that they feel impatient. Raising (10) ________ with the eyes wide open or blinking (closing and opening both eyes very quickly) expresses surprise, shock or sometimes disapproval. Wrinkling the (11) ________ (moving it up and to one side) suggests that there is a bad smell. Some gestures have several meanings, (12) ________ the context.


A faces

В arms

C hands

D appearances


A forehead

В head

C skull

D face


A Putting

В Placing

C Shrugging

D Shaking


A makes

В fulfils

C acts

D produces


A small

В little

C slight

D light


A thumb

В nail

C forefinger

D toe


A eyes

В ears

C mouth

D nose


A fists

В hands

C shoulders

D palms


A tap

В hit

C clap

D cross


A eyeballs

В eyelashes

C eyebrows

D eyelids


A tongue

В lip

C teeth

D nose


A concentrating on

В depending on

C dealing with

D caring for

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