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1. Complete the statement.

1 The traditional thing a teacher writes on with chalk is a ___

2 If you are naughty in class or forgot your homework and therefore have to stay after class it means you’ve got a ___

3 The break time between classes is called ___

4 At the beginning of class the teacher calls your name to take ___

5 The two or more divisions in the school year ate called terms in British English. What are they called in American English?

6 A class of students meeting to study a problem or have a discussion is called a ___________________

7 The bound volume you study from is called a ___

8 When it’s all over and you’ve passed the exams, the last ceremony is your ____________________

9 The word used to join a class is to ___

10 The head teacher of a school is called a ___

2. Choose the correct item.

1 Chris told us to hand in our term paper next Monday.

A to write our paper by hand

В to submit

C to correct

D to proof-read

2 Professor Wilson is a wonderful teacher but there are too many assignments in his course.

A His marks are always low.

В There are few books to read.

C He often gives homework.

D There are loo many students in his course.

3 Since I wanted to buy the new course catalogue, I had to put in an order through the store manager.

A The store-manager didn’t want to buy it.

В The course catalogue was out of print.

C I had to ask for it to be bought for me.

D The computer was out of order.

4 Did you know it’s down to three of us for the job in the library?

A The three of us will be working in the library.

В There are only three applicants left.

C The library only hires three students.

D At least three students will be retained.

5 I’ll really have to hit the books this weekend.

A I have to tidy my room.

В There is a book fair this weekend.

C My books need a cover.

D I have to study.

6 To major in astrophysics you need an extra math course.

A To get higher grades in astrophysics

В To specialize in astrophysics

C To finish your astrophysics paper

D To better understand the astrophysics course

7 Did you know Mark was a sophomore?

A Mark is a second-year student.

В Mark majors in philosophy.

C Mark has a special grant.

D Mark’s parents are both university professors.

8 I haven’t completed all the prerequisites for this course.

A I still have to fill in some papers.

В I have to finish some assignments.

C I haven’t done enough research.

D I have to do some other courses first.

3. You are going to read a selection of letters from a problem page in an international English Language magazine. For questions I—15, choose from the people (A-H). The people may be chosen more than once.

This Month’s Letters

See this month’s problems and questions submitted to us by learners of English:

A I study English for 6 hours per week in secondary school. For 1 hour each week we have conversation classes with a native speaker of English where we talk about topics such as drugs, politics and culture. I know it’s a really good opportunity to practise my spoken English, but I never make a contribution to the discussion. It’s not that I don’t have an opinion, or that I’m shy, but more that I don’t have the vocabulary' to express my view's. I feel really frustrated at the end of the lesson. Nobody else in the group seems to have the same problem.


В I’m a 24-year-old business student from Malaysia and I’ve been attending English classes at night school for the past 5 years. Up to now' I’ve considered myself to be a good student. Last month I went to Britain to visit my relatives over there and it was awful. People found my pronunciation difficult to follow and I couldn’t understand them either. What went wrong? My English teacher is very good and I always score the highest in grammar tests.


C I’m writing to ask your opinion on a matter which is really annoying me. My English teacher never corrects my mistakes when I am speaking. Isn’t that her job? How am I going to improve otherwise? Also she’s always telling me that now I’m an advanced student, I should forget all the rules of grammar that I learnt when I was younger.


D Can you help me? I really want to speak English the right way, with the correct accent. Do you have any good ideas? I have a particular problem with sounds like ’s’. I plan to work in the UK in the future and nobody will take me seriously if my English pronunciation is anything short of excellent.


E I am working as an au pair in London looking after 2 small children. I love my job but the way that English people speak is a little puzzling. For example, I often hear them say things like ’more friendlier’, whereas I thought it should be ’more friendly’. It also seems to be common for them to say ’we was’ instead of ’we were’. Can you explain this? Would it be impolite of me to correct them?


F I am an intermediate student of English (I have been studying it for 3 years). I’m quite good at reading and writing but listening is very difficult for me. My teacher suggested that I listen to the BBC World Service every day in order to improve my listening. The problem is that it’s hard for me to understand every word. Do you have any ideas about how to make listening to the radio less difficult? I like listening to the news and knowing what’s going on in the world.


G I have studied English for 5 years at school but for the past 6 months I have been doing self-study using the Internet and books to improve. There are lots of materials to choose but I'm not sure what is best for me and how I should use them. I really would like to take the FCE examination but don’t know how to study on my own. Should I take a course in my local school — which is a little expensive for me now— or is it possible to prepare for the exam doing self-study?


H Could you please give me some advice on a problem I have at the moment with my English studies. I decided to go to the UK to improve my English but the college I am studying in at present is full of people from my own country. Although the teachers tell us we should only try to speak in English with each other, it is very difficult to do this, especially in our free time when we go out together. I am worried that my speaking will not improve.


Which person:

1) would appear not to have an English teacher?

2) doesn’t like studying with people from their own country?

3) has a job in the UK?

4) enjoys keeping up with current affairs?

5) feels that the teacher isn’t doing their job properly?

6) uses English speaking radio stations to practise English?

7) had a shock when they visited Britain?

8) wants to avoid speaking their own language?

9) wants to speak English like a native speaker?

10) feels they are the only person with their difficulty?

11) wonders whether it is rude to correct people when they make mistakes?

12) worries that her English will cause her problems at work?

13) had difficulty being understood when they spoke?

14) is thinking about taking an English exam?

15) finds it difficult to take part in conversations?

Виконайте тест

Під час роботи над тестом не можна користуватися будь-якими підручниками, посібниками, словниками тощо.


Read and complete the text below. For each of the empty spaces (1—12) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).


Twin brothers Freddie and Felix often played tricks at school. One day they decided to try to (1) ________ on a French exam. Freddie was very (2) ________ learning languages and was always the best student in both Spanish and French. Felix, however, (3) ________ in mathematics. He was not interested in languages at all. When Felix discovered that he had to (4) ________ a standardized exam in French, he asked his brother for help. The day of Felix’s test, they met in the boys’ restroom during lunch and switched clothes. Freddie went to his brother’s French class and took the (5) ________ for him. Meanwhile, Felix followed Freddie’s schedule. After school, the twins laughed about their trick and headed home. As they entered the house, their mother called them into the kitchen. She was (6) ________! She had (7) ________ a phone call from the school principal. The French teacher (8) ________ about the trick! «How did he know?» cried Felix. «Easily,» replied his mother. «Everyone at the school knows that one obvious (9) ________ between you and your brother is that you are right-handed and Freddie is left-handed. While the French teacher was (10) ________ the tests, he noticed that the check marks on the test were (11) ________ by a left-handed person.» Felix and Freddie got into a lot of trouble that day, but they (12) ________ a valuable lesson — and they never cheated again.


A deceive

В lie

C falsify

D cheat


A familiar with

В used to

C good at

D aware of


A talented

В excelled

C managed

D supervised


A pass

В learn

C take

D do


A test

В option

C handout

D coursework


A guilty

В furious

C scared

D proud


A taken

В accepted

C obtained

D received


A heard of

В looked over

C found out

D objected to


A difference

В similarity

C likeness

D contrast


A looking

В grading

C doing

D writing


A made

В done

C fulfilled

D carried out


A taught

В read

C took

D learned

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