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1. Read the text and complete it with the phrases below. There is one phrase you don’t need to use.

5 Teenage Inventors That Changed the World

Some very ambitious teens have changed the world. 1 ____ But we’re guessing your depiction of «Superman» didn’t make you a millionaire and change pop culture forever. That is, however, what happened when a young Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel first conceived the Man of Steel in high school. Their design would wind up being the template for pretty much every superhero that would come later.

Obviously no one person sat down and just invented hip-hop out of the blue. It evolved over time and has many fathers. But two of the most prominent fathers were a couple of kids. A 17-year-old named Clive Campbell had just emigrated from Jamaica, and the boy did love music and partying. He became known as DJ Kool Here and proceeded to put on some of the first block parties. Here beat on the point, inadvertently laying the basis for what would become rap. 2 ____

3 ____ Today the Colt Company makes the M16 rifles carried by the U.S. military and a whole lot of other guns you’ve fired in a Modern Warfare game. It all goes back to one guy, who spent his teens working with gun designs. For starters, Sam Colt was put into a boarding school as a kid, where he was unpopular. And like most of the other 15-year-olds, he wanted to get popular fast. Colt began carving the initial design of a gun in wood. A prototype was built, and this 45 caliber gun performed remarkably in its testing.

Depending on where you live, snow is either a seasonal annoyance or a rare gift. But back in the days before central heating and warm clothes, snow often meant death. This leads us to Joseph Bombardier, who was born in Quebec in 1907. By the time he was 15, young Joe was through with winter. The addition of a sleigh frame and a hand-whittled propeller transformed the old father’s car into something new. 4 ____ He founded the world’s first snowmobile company and became one of Canada’s most successful men.

At the age of 3, little Louis Braille cut his eye and ended up blind from a horrible infection. Fortunately, Louis was born in France, host to the only school for blind kids on earth. 5 ____ If little Louis wanted to read books one day, he’d have to invent his own system of writing. By the age of 15 he’d invented modern Braille — an entire alphabet that you can read by running your finger across it.

A The snowmobile was born.

В My answer is, «For fashion’s sake.»

C He earned a scholarship at the age of 10, but there was only so much he could learn by listening to lectures.

D Even if you know nothing about guns, you know the name «Colt.

E Soon, the DJ had his own pupils known as the first MCs, who spread hip-hop throughout the Northeast.

F Every elementary school kid has a superhero on the back of a notebook.

2. Read the text and match its pads with the appropriate titles. There is one title you don’t need to use.

1 Peer pressure

2 Drugs

3 Parents

4 Decisions and Responsibility

5 Teenager’s Problems

A. Being a teenager is a strange and yet exciting part of life. We are faced with tough and critical decisions each and every day- decisions that will affect our lives. Everyone goes through the teenage years, but as people get older, they seem to lose touch with their teenage experiences and feel as though they can’t relate to anything that teenagers go through.

The problem is that the older people like parents and teachers differ from (he teenagers. They have had a different education with different norms. Generally speaking whenever we meet older people two different worlds confront each other.

B. Another problem is drugs which are taken frequently by the teenagers from nowadays.

Those who take these drugs, don’t understand that it’s a bad thing and that those one can affect their health. This problem can be solved with teachers, parents or even friends help, who can try to keep them far away from those vicious. In many cases, teenagers are influenced on doing bad things by the group they are spending their free time and don’t listen to advice that is given by the ones who care about them and they only want their best.

C. There are a lot of things that may distract or tempt a teenager to do wrong things. Peer pressure can easily force teens to do smoking, sex, and drugs. Most teenagers know that it’s wrong, but they feel like they need to do these things in order to fit in and be cool. But fortunately most teens know how to handle it by saying no.

D. Teenagers should be comfortable in telling their parents what they think, but what the teenager says will only be up to the teenager. There are things that parents need to know, and others they may not need to know. When a teenager can’t trust their parents, then there is something wrong. When rules come into play, both parents and teenager should sit down and talk about them. Rules do need to be set, but they should be somewhat fair. If there were no rules, then the teenagers may end up doing something they would regret for the rest of their lives.

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Read and complete the text below. For each of the empty spaces (1—12) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

2. Read the text and complete it tilling the blanks (1—5) with the missing words (a-d).

Teens all over the world are growing up in a world in which the Internet, cell phones, text messaging and other technology dominates their communication and are an integral part of everyday life. According to a researcher at Harris Interactive, teens utilize different modes of communication in different social contexts. When the tone of a communication is 1 ____, such as arguing and breaking up with someone, teens realize that communication tools may not be the best avenue of discussion. Two in three teens (67%) would not break up with someone and two in five (42%) would not 2 ____ with a friend over phones, email, instant messaging, text messaging, or social networking sites. When choosing a communication tool, teens will most likely choose to use cell phones and landline phones to talk 3 ____ a friend about something serious or important (cell phone 34%, landline phone 23%); apologize to a friend (cell phone 22%, landline phone 20%); or break up with someone (cell phone 14%, landline phone 9%). About one in three teens say they are not 4 ____ gossiping, sharing secrets or having private conversations using phones, email, instant or text messaging. Teens feel more comfortable discussing touchy subjects when using instant messaging (29%), than cell phones (14%), text messaging (11%) and social networking websites (10%). Overall, teens are most comfortable using cell phones, instant messaging and landline phones to have a private 5 ____ (cell phone 29%, instant messaging 16%, landline phone 15%), sharing a secret (cell phone 25%, instant messaging 11%, landline phone, 14%) and gossiping (cell phone 17%, instant messaging 17%, landline phone 14%).

1 A strong

В serious

C severe

D hard

2 A discuss

В speak

C argue

D tell

3 A to

В about

C for

D at

4 A easy

В relaxed

C free

D comfortable

5 A conversation

В talk

C negotiations

D quarrels

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