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1. Complete each definition with the correct word:

1 A person who works in a shop. A shop assiatant / helper.

2 The place in a shop where items are bought are paid for. The counter / table.

3 A moving staircase. An escalator / conveyer.

4 A room in a shop where you try on clothes. A changing / dressing room.

5 A free plastic bag given out in shops and supermarkets. A goods / shopping bag.

6 The name for (he line people stand in when they are waiting for their turn to pay. A queue / line.

7 During this time goods are sold at a lower price. A sold / sale.

8 A large basket on wheels used to push shopping around a supermarket. A trolley / pram.

2. Complete the gaps in the following sentences with the correct word.

1 If you give the perfume to the shop ________ she’ll wrap it up for you.

2 I was standing at the ________ just about to pay and I remembered I didn’t have any money.

3 I’m afraid the ________ is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs.

4 Have you got a ________ room? I’d like to try this dress on.

5 Many supermarkets in the UK are now asking people to pay for plastic ________ bags.

6 There was such a long ________ to pay I decided to leave and go back later.

7 There was a ________ on and everything was half-price.

8 I couldn’t find a ________ at the supermarket so I had to carry everything in a basket.

3. For questions I—II, read the test below and decide which answer А, В, C or D fits best each space.


Presents and present giving should be (1) ________. The whole (2) ________ of giving presents is that you should enjoy planning a (3) ________ pleasure and surprise for someone. The (4) ________ of a present is the (5) ________ important tiling about it. What matters is that it is a token of your love and (6) ________ of the person. Those who never give anything away, are (7) ________ to be disappointed and unhappy people.

An (8) ________ present should be something one will like and want, not just something you like. Everyone has simple (9) ________ as well as (10) ________ ones and you can usually find something inexpensive to any or easy to make. The simplest present is often the most appreciated. The most successful present givers shop all year round for presents. They see just the right present for a friend, buy it, then and there at once and put it away till it’s wanted. In this case, you can keep a list of suitable presents for your friends so that when the time comes, you can go out to buy something special.


A sport

A concept

A uncommon

A benefit

A smallest

A improvement

A sure

A imaginary

A tastes

A excessive

В merriment

В opinion

В distinctive

В prize

В least

В appreciation

В fixed

В ideal

В flavours

В exaggerated

C fun

C idea

C different

C value

C tiniest

C esteem

C steady

C supreme

C tries

C extravagant

D amusement

D impression

D special

D virtue

D minimum

D enjoyment

D convinced

D faultless

D savours

D extreme










4. Read the text and circle the correct answer to the question.

Going shopping

Mrs Smith is going shopping with her son. They are looking for a present for Mr Smith’s birthday. Mrs Smith wants to buy him a new camera and Tom wants to buy him a jumper.

They drive to the department store on the high street. Mrs Smith uses the escalator to go to the Electrical Department on the third floor and Tom takes the stairs up to the Men’s Clothing Department on the first floor.

When she gets to the Electrical Department she finds that cameras are sold in the Photography Department on the ground floor. She takes the elevator down and asks the sales assistant there for some help. She doesn’t know much about cameras and needs some advice. He recommends an automatic camera by Olympus, but it is too expensive. She asks him if he has anything a little cheaper and he tells her about a special offer on the Pentax range. It still seems expensive so she thanks the assistant and decides to shop around first

Meanwhile, Tom is looking at the jumpers. He only has £10 to spend so he can’t afford most of them. He sees his mother and they decide to go to the smaller shops round the corner.

1 Can Mrs Smith afford the Olympus camera?

A Yes

В No

2 Where are the cameras sold?

A The Men’s Clothing Department

В The Photography Department

C The Electrical Department

3 What department does Mrs Smith go to first?

A The Electrical Department.

В The Photography Department.

C The Men’s Clothing Department.

4 How does Mrs Smith get around the store?

A She takes the elevator up and the escalator down.

В She walks up the stairs and takes the elevator down.

C She takes the escalator up and the elevator down.

D She walks up and down the stairs.

5 Did they walk to the shops?

A No

В Yes

6 How much does Tom have to spend?

A £10

В £15

C £20

7 What department does Tom go to?

A The Men’s Clothing Department.

В The Women’s Clothing Department.

C The Photography Department.

8 Where do Mrs Smith and Tom go after the department store?

A To the supermarket round the corner.

В To the shops round the corner.

C To the bakery round the corner.

9 Mrs Smith went into town alone.

A False

В True

10 Were they were looking for a Christmas present?

A Yes

В No

Виконайте тест

Під час роботи над тестом не можна користуватися будь-якими підручниками, посібниками, словниками тощо.


Read and complete the text below. For each of the empty spaces (1—12) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).


Americans are not adventurous in the way they dress and (1) ________ practical, comfortable clothes. Simple styles that do not quickly (2) ________, of fashion are most popular. The western cowboy (3) ________ is no longer fashionable but, because it was very practical, parts of it are still common, especially jeans, heavy cotton shirts, wide leather belts, and boots.

Clothes may be brightly colored, but people must (4) ________ rules about what colors match. Blue and red match, and red matches orange, but an orange shirt should not be (5) ________ with a blue sweater. Although it looks strange, people wearing suits or dresses go to work in running shoes because they are more (6) ________, and change into smarter shoes at the office. The outlet store is a popular place to buy clothes. Outlets (7) ________ clothing that was in stores the previous season but was not sold. Many Americans prefer to buy clothing at a (8) ________ price, and do not care whether it is fashionable.

For many younger Americans, the world of sport sets fashions. Some try to wear the same kind of basketball shoes that their favorite players wear. They may also buy T-shirts, pants and jackets with the names of sports teams on them. This type of (9) ________ can be expensive.

Fashion is not just about clothes. A person’s (10) ________ is important, as well as their hairstyle, make-up and accessories. Fashion models are usually thin, and it is often difficult for (11) ________ people to buy fashionable clothes, so many people try to diet to (12) ________ their figure.


A wish

В want

C desire

D prefer


A go out

В go on

C escape

D run


A expression

В manner

C look

D behaviour


A watch

В follow

C see

D issue


A put

В worn

C shown

D used


A comfortable

В relaxing

C pleasant

D cosy


A buy

В throw

C change

D sell


A short

В low

C limited

D last


A cloth

В material

C clothing

D fabric


A complexion

В status

C figure

D character


A overweight

В ordinary

C poor

D simple


A cut

В shorten

C improve

D develop

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