Виконання завдань до підручника «АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА» 7 клас Л.В. Калініної 2015 рік

In Grade 7

Grammar Smart


a) The girls are playing computer games in the schoolyard.

The children are playing golf in the schoolyard.

The children are playing hide-and -seek in the schoolyard.

The boy is reading in the schoolyard.

The children are playing basketball in the schoolyard.

b) 1. My sister was sleeping while I was doing my lessons.

2 .When the teacher entered the classroom, the pupils were discussing a problem.

3 While the boys were playing football, the girls were swimming.

4 While the children were role-playing, the teacher was watching them.

5. When the coach came to the gym, the athletes were practicing high and long jumps.

6. Oksana was setting the table while her mum was cutting vegetables in the kitchen.

c) On a Shopping Trip.

One day Ann and her mum went shopping. While mum was trying on her dress, the girl was watching her.

Let’s have dinner.

The family were cooking dinner.

While Ann was cutting the vegetable, granny was cooking the soup.

While mom was peeling fruit, aunt Kate was making some juice.

p. 9-10

Time to read

Mark the true statements.


p. 11

Time to communicate

My name is Helen. Last summer my aunt invited my family to visit Chicago.

I am still impressed by the visit and by the shopping tour. I was really exciting.

My cousin Polly invited me to the Mall with her friends. I was surprised that the girls know a lot about fashion.

I talked to the shop assistants and also learnt some new information. I was quite a new experience for me because I’m used to doing shopping only with my mum.

Time to write

We are in Grade 7 now so we became a year older.

I think we’ll learn some new subject this year.

It will be interesting to learn new things.

I hope we’ll have more lessons in the computer labs. Besides we can have more after-school activities. like sports, drama or music.

It will be interesting to meet new teachers and new classmates it’s fun to have new people around.

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