Виконання завдань до підручника «АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА» 7 клас Л.В. Калініної 2015 рік


1.3. People around me

Grammar smart

Ex 1 (b), p.27

1. How often do you have a jog? - I have a jog every morning.

2. How often do you have a swim? - I have a swim twice a week.

3. How often do you have a walk? - I have a walk every day.

4. How often do you have a trip? - I have a trip every summer.

5. How often do you have parties? - I have parties every month.

6. How often do you have conversations on the phone? - I have conversations on the phone every day.

Ex.2(a), p.27-28

1. I have answered all the survey questions.

2. I have been to the Carpathians.

3. I have felt happy.

4. I have done something stupid.

5. I have made new friends.

6. I have taken part in the survey.

Word smart

Ex.1 (d), p.28

1.-c, 2.-a, 3.-d, 4.-b

Time to read

Ex.2, p.30

Mark the true statements: 2,3

Time to communicate

Ex.1, p.30

What makes people happy?

Does happiness depend on the family income?

What helps you to feel blessed.

How to avoid being stressed.

Is it important to have highly educated parents?

Ex.2, p.30

A. I say, Tom, would you mind if I asked you a personal questions?

B. No, no. Go ahead.

A. I wonder, what makes you happy? A little good music/ or maybe a new computer/

B. Poor guess. In my case it’s my family.

A. Glad to hear that. But why?

B. My family is my foundation. My parents tell me that they ate going to love me, no matter what. Just knowing that makes me feel happy.

A. The same with me. But some people say that the money would be clearly tied to happiness. What do you think?

B. I wouldn’t say that. Having highly educated parents is a stronger predictor of happiness than income.

A. What about friends?

B. Yes, friendship is very important too. I would also mention love.

A. Me, too

Time to write

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