Виконання завдань до підручника «АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА» 7 клас Л.В. Калініної 2015 рік


2.2. Active after school

Grammar Smart

Ex.1(b), p.51

If you work thirty minutes a day, you will stay healthy.

If I exercise regularly, I will be in shape.

If we do yoga, we will relax well.

If my friend feels pain, he will stop the work out.

If my classmates breathe freely, they will feel great.

If I go for a jog, I will lose weight.

If you feel tired, you will have a rest.

Ex.2 (b), p.52

1. should 4. shouldn’t

2. shouldn’t 5. should

3. should 6. should

Word Smart

Ex.2, p.52

How do you develop yourself after classes? What opportunity do you have to stay active after school?

How do you choose activities for yourself?

Time to read

Ex.2, p.54

1. Yoga makes children flexible.

2. Climbing makes children strong

3. Arts make children creative.

4. Outdoor play makes children healthy.

Time to Communicate

p. 55.


A. What type of activities will you sign up for this fall?

B. I think I would like to choose something creative.

A. What will you experience?

B. I want to try painting.

A. How will it support your development?

B. I will learn some new information about painting and painters.

A. What kind of activity will you do if you want more opportunity to express yourself?

B. Any kind if it’s interesting for you.

A. How often will you practise it?

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