Розв’язання вправ та завдань до підручника «АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА» 8 клас А. М. Несвіт (8-й рік навчання) - 2016 рік


Lessons 1-2. My Studies at School

P. 34, ex. 1 ©

1. I study at a small town school.

2. Well, there are no special rules, just general rules like not being late for classes, studying well, and behaving ourselves.

3. At school I have a chance to communicate with my friends, to learn many interesting things about nature and society, to take part in sports events, and participate in arts groups.

4. I don’t like strict discipline, long lessons, much homework.

5. I’d like to make lessons shorter and breaks longer and make Friday a day-off.

6. Well, I think it’s OK, but it could be made better.

P. 34, ex. 2

Люба Мері.

Як у тебе справи? Ти рада, що повернулась до школи?

Є речі, через які я люблю ходити до школи.

По-перше, мені подобається спілкуватися з однокласниками. Більшість із них — дуже хороші люди. Щойно ми заходимо до класу, ми обговорюємо наші проблеми, говоримо про життя, плани на майбутнє та інше.

По-друге, на заняттях цікаво робити проекти і досліди. Мої улюблені предмети — географія, історія й англійська.

По-третє, школа допомагає мені набути соціальних навичок. Я вчусь перебувати в позитивному настрої і бути гнучкою [в спілкуванні]. Учусь ділитися

увагою вчителів з іншими учнями в класі, поважаю вчителів, тому що вони розумні, висококваліфіковані, ставляться до нас зі співчуттям і розумінням. Проте є й таке, через що мені не подобається школа. По-перше, мені доводиться прокидатися дуже рано, бо я живу далеко від школи. Крім того, ми повинні носити шкільну форму, а це нудно! І нарешті, я повинна постійно робити уроки, і в мене залишається небагато часу на хобі.

Та в цілому шкільне життя чудове. Ми не лише збагачуємо свої знання про життя, а й вчимося, як порозумітися одне з одним. Ми вчимося поєднувати роботу з відпочинком.

А що ти думаєш про навчання в школі? Чи є в твоїй школі правила, яких треба дотримуватись?

Пиши і розповідай про свої новини.

Із найкращими побажаннями,


Р. 35, ех. 3

1 — F; 2 — Т; 3 — Т; 4 — F; 5 — Т; 6 — Т.

Р. 35, ех. 4

A: are; В: am; A: do; В; A: do; В: don’t / am; A; are / don’t; В: aren’t.

Р. 36, ex. 5

1. combines work and pleasure; 2. to enrich his knowledge of chemistry; 3. happens; 4. were discussing; 5. to cope with; 6. gets on well; 7. got good knowledge; 8. are understanding and sympathetic.

P. 37, ex. 7-9 ©

School rules. There are hundreds of people at school, and they have to obey some rules, otherwise school will not be able to function. Firstly, they have to be polite to each other, understanding and sympathetic. Secondly, they must be on time for any activity that takes place at school. Also, they should wear school- uniform or business clothes. And finally, they must do their best to give and get good knowledge.

School traditions. Every school has its traditions. They are different, even if they seem alike. For instance, the 1st of September or the school-leaving parties are celebrated at all schools, but in a little different way. Also school collectives organize art festivals, sports competitions, theatrical shows, so-called KVNs which can be translated as club of merry and witted people, and suchlike. They help to unite schoolchildren, make them feel like members of a large family, develop social skills, and bring variety to school life.

Clothes to wear. School uniform is a painful question. On the one hand, it is a kind of work-clothes for pupils. If you wear a uniform you don’t have to think in the morning what to put on. People in uniform seem equal, otherwise luckier children from well-off families can boast with their expensive garments. On the other hand, people, especially teenagers, need to demonstrate their individuality, and clothes are one of the means to accentuate it.

People. People may be difficult, especially young people, especially nowadays. Everyone has their own character, plus there are different moods. School is a place where children practice their social skills, learn to get on with each other, to make friends, to compromise, to defend their views, to become understanding, considerate, and sympathetic. Some do it better than others, some take a social role easily and naturally, while others have to adjust and conform. Anyway, communicating with peers and teachers is an important stage in children’s development.

School building. The process of learning and communicating with friends takes place within a school building. Modern schools are built by typical design and look alike, but older buildings are very individual, just like people. For many pupils school is a second home where they spend much of the time. Many people remember the days spent there with pleasure and warms.

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