Розв’язання вправ та завдань до підручника «АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА» 8 клас А. М. Несвіт (8-й рік навчання) - 2016 рік


Lesson 9. After School

P.51, ex. 2a © #

In picture A we can see boys and girls who are taking part in a theatrical play on the stage of a school assembly-hall [актова зала]. They have beautiful costumes on and pose theatrically in front of the audience. The children look happy and enjoying themselves.

In picture В we can see pupils in the school sports-ground. They look like senior-class pupils and they are playing Frisbee after classes. There are two teams of boys who are trying to catch the disk. They are quick and agile. They seem to like the game.

In picture C we can see a boy and a girl. The boy is sitting at the piano, while the girl is standing to the right and to the back of him playing the' flute. The children are concentrated on playing the tune correctly. They have notes on the piano to play to. They are practicing for a school concert.

In picture D there is a large art-room. There are desks with big sheets of paper and paints. At the nearest desk we can see two light-haired young boys busy painting. To the right from them we can see their teacher. She shows them how to paint and gives some advice. The children are doing some class-project or prepare for a school’s art exhibition.

P. 52, ex. 4

1 ... announce about after-school activities pupils can join.

2 ...on school bulletin boards and in the school newspaper.

3 ... they like.

4 ... consulting the activity advisor and in case of sports sections a family doctor.

5 ... list of after-school activities.

6 ... try other clubs in the place you live.

P. 53, ex. 5b ©

A: Hi, John. Have you chosen an after-school activity to join yet?

B: Hello, Nick. Actually I haven’t, I’m thinking on it.

A: How about the debating team? I saw the announcement on the bulletin board.

B: Do they require good marks?

A: In fact they do, but I think we both satisfy that requirement.

B: How often do they meet?

A: I don’t know for sure. Let’s ask our history teacher. He’s the activity advisor.

B: OK. It sounds like a good idea.

P. 53, ex. 6

1 — have joined; 2 — to keep; 3 — feel; 4 — to think of; 5 — don’t like; 6 — to quit; 7 — talk; 8 — explain; 9 — takes up; 10 — to plan; 11 — improve; 12 — rejoin; 13 — take; 14 — feel.

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