Розв’язання вправ та завдань до підручника «АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА» 8 клас А. М. Несвіт (8-й рік навчання) - 2016 рік


Lessons 10-11. School in the News

P. 54, ex. 1 ©

In the left picture we can see an award ceremony at a very large assembly hall. In the background there are many schoolchildren who have gathered to congratulate the winners of the Small Academy of Sciences competition in schoolchildren’s research on various subjects. One of them is the girl in the foreground. A representative of the organization committee is handing the girl an honorable diploma. Both teachers on the right and pupils are proud that such a talented pupil studies at their school.

In the right picture we can see another award ceremony. It looks like a sports competition. The best teams from the local area are awarded with diplomas in a gym of the school whose team also has shown the best results. Next to the winners stand their physical education teachers. They are proud that their pupils have gained such a great success.

P. 54, ex. 2

Чи повинні учням платити за хороші оцінки?

Сьогодні школи у США прагнуть знайти шляхи підвищити мотивацію учнів залишатися в школі й ретельніше готуватися до випускного тестування. Все більше адміністраторів замислюються над винагородою, в тому числі й грошовою, для найкращих учнів. Декілька шкіл Нью-Йорка пропонують грошові винагороди на основі відвідуваності та результатів стандартизованих тестів. У пілотній програмі міста беруть участь менше 10 тисяч учнів. У разі позитивних результатів до них можуть долучитися й інші.

Деякі педагоги вважають, що таким програмам треба дати шанс. Школи в таких штатах, як Массачусетс і Техас, уже винагороджують дітей за відмінну відвідуваність чи прочитання певної кількості книг.

Проте критики вважають, що такі програми призведуть до вищих результатів тестів серед учнів із так званих груп ризику. Крім того, якщо учнів мотивувати тільки грошима, вони можуть так і не навчитися навчанню заради знань.

Р. 54, ех. 3

1 — Т; 2 — F; 3 — Т; 4 — Т; 5 — Т; 6 — Т.

P. 55, ex. 4 ©

1. Yes, it does. In the beginning of every school year the best pupils are awarded diplomas on the results of the previous year. The best of the best pupils are given tourist vouchers or vouchers to teenagers’ camps.

2. Nearly everyone can. If a pupil attend all classes, listens attentively and participates and does his/her homework, he/she can become a top student.

3. I think it could. If adults get paid for their work, even if it is sometimes not so well done, why shouldn’t pupils he paid for their work? Mind, most adults work up to 8 hours a day, while pupils have five or six lessons, plus as many hours of homework, plus afterschool activities, plus the house-chores, no wonder that by the time they leave schools their health is undermined, according to doctors and educationists.

P. 56, ex. 6

1. Unless you come on time for the lesson you can’t hear all the teacher’s explanation. 2. Unless you are ready for the lesson you can’t answer the teacher’s questions well. 3. Unless you wear a school uniform you aren’t the best student in class. 4. Unless she passes her exam her parents can’t be happy. 5. Unless I am really late my father doesn’t drive me to school in his car. 6. Unless we are busy with our homework we usually go to the cinema on Sundays.

P. 56, ex. 7

1. A. unless; I’ll never pass; B. I’ll come.

2. A. unless.

3. B. only if; finish.

4. B. if; discuss.

P. 56, ex. 8 © #

Dear Editor,

In response to the article «Should Students Get Paid» in your newspaper of the 1st of November I would like to comment on this issue, because I am an 8th form student and I feel that I am entitled to express my opinion.

Of course, students MUST be paid for good work, because work they do indeed. From what we see on TV of adults’ work, we can deduce that they only have endless coffee breaks or smoke breaks and pointless meetings and presentations in their offices, falling in love with their colleagues and bosses, when we, students, toil 5 or six hours at school, then we have afterschool activities, than house chores, plus four to six hours of home work and school reading. No wonder that by midnight we can hardly drag ourselves to bed and fall asleep like dead, only to get up at half past six next morning for another day of hard work.

We study as best we can because parents tell us that good education will help us find good jobs, so this is the major reason for me to study. Also, I don’t want people say that I am bad and lazy. It’s better when parents praise you. They sort of reward me buying me things, hut on the other hand they would do so anyway, because parents must take care of their children, so this doesn’t count. As for the school, the best pupils are only praised or awarded with diplomas, which makes other students envious. But if schools paid money to students everything would change. We would do our best to earn knowledge literally, we would appreciate it and the money we earned, and would he better people after all.

Best wishes,

Nick Serdyuk.

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