Розв’язання вправ та завдань до підручника «АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА» 8 клас А. М. Несвіт (8-й рік навчання) - 2016 рік


Lesson 13. Grammar Revision

P. 58, ex. 1 ©

1. What is the difference of comprehensive schools from other schools?

2. Why do you want to get the highest marks? Will you he rewarded for this?

3. What makes your school life interesting? Do you participate in any after-school activities?

4. In what foreign country would your friend like to study?

P. 58, ex. 2

1. is; 2. lives; 3. goes; 4. has / enjoyed; 5. started; 6. uses; 7. has done; 8. have bought; 9. allows; 10. has been using; 11. sends; 12. even plays.

P. 58, ex. 3

1. If I have time I will go to the cinema. 2. Sue can’t play computer games unless she finishes her homework. 3. Unless Bill learns the grammar rules he will make mistakes. 4. Until the school holidays start we can’t have a rest. 5. Unless Steve improves his test results he can’t join the swimming club. 6. They can’t surf the Internet unless they buy a modem. 7. No man will work for your interests unless they are his. 8. Our dreams won’t come true if we don’t work hard.

P. 58, ex. 4

1 — enjoy, like — Present Indefinite Active; is closed — Present Indefinite Passive. (в наступних реченнях, якщо це не зазначено окремо, присудок вживається в активному стані). 2 — decided, 3 — organized, 4 — enjoyed, 5 — told — всі присудки вжиті в Past Indefinite. 6 — have made — Present Perfect; have — Present Indefinite.

Історія про Шерон

1 — brought, 2 — looked through, said — Past Indefinite; looks — Present Indefinite, wrote — Past Indefinite. 2 —was, 3 — answered, borrowed — Past Indefinite.

Історія про Гаррі

1 — is cheating — Present Continuous. 2 — try — Present Indefinite. 3 — said — Past Indefinite, hope — Present Indefinite, didn’t, see — Past Indefinite. 4 — smiled, answered — Past Indefinite, hope — Present Indefinite, didn’t — Past Indefinite.

P. 59, ex. 5 ©

1. a) What school do you go to? b) Is it an ordinary school? c) Do you have to wear school uniform? d) Are there any more school rules you have to follow? e) Are there any after-school activities?

2. I like many school subjects, but I am really good at English. I like it because we do various activities at the lessons, the texts we read are interesting and funny.

I am motivated to study it because it is interesting, and English will help me to get a good work, and my parents encourage me. I am not promised cash prizes, but I hope that later in life English will pay for itself.

P. 59, ex. 6 © #

The Funniest School Day in My Life

Last year we had a written test in biology. Everyone had a question to answer in writing. My friend Mary got a question on importance of sleep. To prepare well for the test she had been studying till late at night the previous evening and when she was writing on sleep, she actually fell asleep. The teacher saw this, put her finger to her lips and pointed to Mary. We were working very quietly all the lesson, and only the bell woke her up.

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