Розв’язання вправ та завдань до підручника «АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА» 8 клас А. М. Несвіт (8-й рік навчання) - 2016 рік


Lessons 1-2. The Age of Information

P. 8, ex. 1

а) © I use CDs to play music and songs on a CD-player.

I use a mobile phone to talk to my parents when I’m at school or to my friends when I’m at home.

I use headphones to listen to songs when I am on public transport or at school or even at home with other family members nearby so that not to bother other people who have different tastes or have things to think over and need silence.

I use a TV set to watch films, concert, the news, and other programmes.

I use books to read novels and short stories by Ukrainian and foreign writers.

I use magazines to read articles on my hobbies.

I use newspapers to read the current news and articles on politics, economy, and social life.

I use a laptop to surf the Internet when I’m not at home and haven’t my computer at hand.

P. 9, ex. 2 ©

В овали на с. 9 можна вписати слова з лівої колонки таблиці, що йде за ними, і додати слова books, teachers, friends. .

У другій частині вправи можна поєднати дві колонки таблиці, додаючи до слова зліва фрази на кшталт enables us to watch..., gives us a possibility to listen to..., make it possible for us to read..., entertain us with various vivid materials on..., provide us with...тощо.

P. 9, ex. 3

a) 1 — c; 2 — a; 3 — c.

b) Правильний порядок слів і остаточну версію діалогу можна перевірити в розділі Tapescripts на с. 241 підручника.

Р. 10, ех. 4 ©

I use TV and the Internet every day. On TV I watch films and the latest news, while on the Internet I search for new computer games, materials for study, and read other users’ opinions on various topics in social media.

P. 10, ex. 5 ©

1. We say so because in the 20th century there appeared new technical means that made exchange of information easier and large-scaled. Also, social changes made people more aware of information.

2. It usually comes from radio, TV, and the Internet.

3. TV and the Internet are improved by using satellites and optic communication systems, as well as digital technologies.

4. We can listen to the radio and watch TV, but the Internet enables us to both listen and watch and interact with it.

5. Yes, I do. The distances remain the same, but thanks to modern communication technologies we can learn and actually see what is happening in nearly any country of the world.

P. 11, ex. 6

1 — publishing; 2 — film; 3—broadcasting; 4 — disk; 5—blog; 6 — entertainment; 7 — podcasts; 8 — mass media; 9 — computer games.

P. 11, ex. 7

a) 1 — broadcasting; 2 — electronic media; 3 — entertain; 4 — mass media; 5 — disk; 6 — blog; 7 — film; 8 — computer games; 9 — podcast.

b) 1. Electronic media are displacing broadcasting and publishing.

2. It is easier to entertain people nowadays because we have TV and CD-disks.

3. We can learn famous people’s opinions from their blogs.

4. Work efficiency may fall because of computer games.

5. Electronic media business could develop faster in Ukraine if people had enough money to afford its services.

P. 11, ex. 8 ©

Electronic and print media make our lives more interesting and meaningful. Magazines contain bright photos and informative and entertaining articles on a wide variety on topics and interests. TV and the Internet inform us on the current events all over the world, while serious newspapers comment on them in greater detail and provide expert comments. We cannot imagine life without modern communication technologies.

Також за основу такої розповіді можна взяти впр. 4 на стор. 10 підручника.

Р. 11, ех. 9 ©

How do reporters learn the news?

Who decides what article goes to the print and what doesn’t?

How do journalists arrange for interviews with celebrities and top politicians? How do they manage to print thousands of newspapers and deliver them all over the country overnight?

Why do they print sport pages in the end of newspapers?

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