Розв’язання вправ та завдань до підручника «АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА» 8 клас А. М. Несвіт (8-й рік навчання) - 2016 рік


Lessons 1-2. The Mystery of Music

P. 91, ex. 3

1 — language; 2 — life; 3 — routine; 4 — tune; 5 — lyric; 6 — culture; 7 — composers; 8 — artists; 9 — tune; 10 — songs.

P. 91, ex. 5

1 — g; 2 — e; 3 — f; 4 — b; 5 — h; 6 — c; 7 — d; 8 — a.

P. 92, ex. 6, 8 © #

Music accompanies me in my life. I do many things to music, and sometimes I don’t even realize that music is playing. On the other hand, when there’s no music and I can hear only deep silence I feel a little uneasy. Sometimes when there’s no source of music I hum or whistle a tune to myself.

Usually music arises positive emotions in me, especially if it’s a merry, rhythmical music, though slow or sad music can make me pensive. I like many kinds of music. What music to listen to depends on my mood, and when I listen to my favourite melodies and songs my mood always improves.

P. 92, ex. 7

1. You will definitely be enchanted by contemporary music.

2. People will be accompanied by music through the ages.

3. Positive emotions will be arisen with this piece of music.

4. His/her own music patterns will be followed by every musician.

5. Nature will always be considered by musicians as a source of inspiration.

6. Our problems will be always washed away by good music.

7. The rhythm will be tapped out on his drum.

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