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Lesson 13. Grammar Revision

P. 113, ex. 1

A — 1 a), b); В — 2 b); C — 3 a).

P. 113, ex. 2

1. Two tickets for the concert were bought yesterday (by me).

2. A new disc will be brought tomorrow (by my friend).

3. Musical instruments are sold in this shop?

4. This famous violin has been stolen recently.

5. This opera will be staged at the beginning of...

6. Musical festivals are often participated by my mother.

P. 113, ex. 3

1. Music is played everywhere. 2. I studied to play the piano for three years at the music school. 3. Our teacher is loved by people. 4. This opera has been composed lately. 5. A new music school will be opened in our city next month. 6. The students greeted the famous singer warmly.

P. 114, ex. 4

1. This film has already been seen by our class.

2. Have you ever been to the Opera House?

3. He has never played the flute.

4. We have already listened to the new hit of Ruslana.

5. Has your mood been improved by this music?

6. I have been taken to the concert by my friend.

P. 114, ex. 6-7 © #

I’ve invited my best friends for my birthday party. Our tastes in music are more or less the same. I have a modest collection of music at home. I get new songs mostly from the Internet. I have several discs with Ukrainian performers. Among them are «Ocean Elzy». Natalia Mogylevska, a Jamala disc has recently joined them. I have also about a dozen discs with foreign music, mostly hard rock and heavy metal, a few with hip-hop — for the most part they are presents from my relatives and friends. Whenever I have a party I run a sort of a poll among my friends to find out their latest preferences and surf the Internet to load the music they like.

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