Розв’язання вправ та завдань до підручника «АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА» 8 клас А. М. Несвіт (8-й рік навчання) - 2016 рік


Lesson 6. Whatever the Weather...

P. 126, ex. 1

In picture A we can see a summer landscape in the highlands with a valley and a river flowing past the hills. It’s hot and sunny. It’s a good weather for a hike in shorts and T-shirt.

In picture В we can see autumn, probably the end of September. The leaves on the trees are yellow and will fall down soon. Black clouds are gathering promising heavy rain. It’s cool and is going to be wet. It’s still possible to walk in a shirt and a jumper, but a raincoat and umbrella should be at hand.

In picture C there is spring. An apple tree is in bloom! There are no leaves yet, but the blossom resembles snow. The sky is bright-blue. It’s warm and sunny, and one can put just a light shirt on, though it might get cool in the evening.

In picture D there is winter. Deep snow covers earth like a white blanket. It’s rather cold. Only a few cars have passed along the road, because farmers have little work in winter and stay indoors by fire-places. Those who dare go outside should wear warm coats with scarves and warm hats and gloves.

P. 126, ex. 2

Fine weather: sunny, hot, calm, bright, clear, warm, cool.

Nasty weather: cloudy, rainy, misty, snowy, foggy, wet, cold, dull, stormy, windy.

P. 127, ex. 5

2. Steve says, «You needn’t take umbrella with you.»

3. Pamela says, «You should wear high boots because of the snow.»

4. Ramona says, «You needn’t put a warm sweater on.»

5. Dennis says, «You must give me your jacket and hat to dry.»

6. Sue says, «We shouldn’t go for a picnic today.»

7. Mr Stevenson says, «The weather oughtn’t to change anymore today.»

8. Mrs Brown says, «You should put the right clothes into your suitcase!»

P. 127, ex. 6 © #

Every season is good in some ways, but I love early autumn best of all. In September the days are still warm, but not scorching hot. They are still quite long and the leaves on the trees just begin to turn gold and red. The harvest is in, and people who have kitchen-gardens have more free time. It’s a good season for quiet walks or noisy games. It’s sad that we have to go to school, but on the other hand I have only a couple of friends living nearby, so it’s impossible to gather two complete football teams, but it is easy to do so at school. There are also facilities for other kinds of sport, and after-school activities.

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