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Lesson 16. Grammar Revision

P. 150, ex. 1

1. Great Britain consists of four parts. 2. I have never been to Scotland. 3. I am staying at the Hilton Hotel. 4.1 was in London last year. 5. My friends in London sometimes invite me to spend my holidays with them. 6. I do not go to the south every year. 7. The Severn is the longest river in Great Britain.

P. 150, ex. 2

1. You won’t see...; 2. I’m not going to...; 3. I haven’t visited...; 4. Don’t find any pictures...; 5. There are not many...; 6. We didn’t learn about...

P. 150, ex. 3

1. Why do boys like football? 2. When can they cycle in the Carpathians? 3. What championship has our team won? 4. Where is Jane travelling now? 5. Who used to tell stories about when he was young? 6. How long has Mary been swimming?

P. 150, ex. 4

1 — c; 2 — b; 3 — a; 4 — c; 5 — a; 6 — b.

P. 151, ex. 5

1. has; 2. are associated; 3. are based; 4. is; 5. is played; 6. reflect; 7. are; 8. are associated; 9. were / accompanied; 10. developed; 11. attained; 12. has.

Український народний танець

Українська народна культура має своє коріння в давньослов’янській музиці. Як наслідок більша частина української музики й танців пов’язана з народним календарем, аграрним і життєвим циклом. Багато пісень життєвого циклу, особливо весільні пісні, ґрунтуються на танцювальних ритмах. Прикладом такого танцю є «Аркан». Українську музику виконують на скрипці, цимбалах, кобзі, бандурі, торбані і волинці.

Багато динамічних і барвистих народних танців України відображають сільське чи козацьке життя. Найстаршими танцями є хороводи — сільськогосподарські танцювальні ігри, пов’язані з культом сонця. Спочатку народні танці супроводжувалися або співами, або грою на музичних інструментах.

Упроваджений наприкінці 18-го століття класичний балет розвивався під впливом Європи і досяг високого рівня. В Україні є шість театрів, де йдуть балетні та оперні вистави.

Р. 152, ех. 6 ©

Many traditions in Ukraine and in my region are connected with Christian holidays. In the bottom right picture one of such rituals is depicted. On Christmas night young people walk about towns and villages singing carols in which they proclaim that Jesus is born and wish happiness in the year to come. They wear national costumes and those of Biblical characters, and the main item they carry is a hand-made star with a lantern inside symbolizing the star that the Magi saw when Jesus was born. They come to people’s homes singing carols and get sweets or money in return.

P. 147, ex. 7 © #

Dear Mary,

Thanks for your letter in which you ask me to tell about Ukrainian culture and life style.

Well, Ukrainian culture is so ancient and rich and multifaceted that even dozens of letters will not be enough to describe it. Volumes have been written on it, but nevertheless I will try to describe some of the traditions and customs of my people in every letter.

I should say that in big cities people are forgetting traditions of their ancestors, though some enthusiasts are trying to revive them. For the larger part traditions are preserved in rural areas in central and western regions of Ukraine.

So, there is a tradition among the young girls in Ukraine to tell fortunes on the night before St. Andrew’s day which is celebrated on December 13 (the Orthodox church has its own calendar, the so-called old-style). There are many ways to tell fortunes and this is only one of them. Taking flour [борошно] from home girls gather at one of their fiends’ house. To make dough [тісто] they go to the river three times and bring water in their mouths. The cakes are baked in the oven and then put on a bench. Then the hostess lets a hungry male-dog in. Whose cake he eats the first, that girl will be the first to marry.

Are there similar traditions in England? Write me soon.


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