Розв’язання вправ та завдань до підручника «АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА» 8 клас А. М. Несвіт (8-й рік навчання) - 2016 рік


Lesson 10. Reading a Newspaper

P. 23, ex. 1

1. The first American newspapers were started in colonial days.

2. Its name was «The Boston News-Letter».

3. It began printing in 1704.

4. In that year the first penny newspaper, «The New York Sun», began publishing.

5. They printed news while it was still new, they were the first to print advertisements and sell papers in newsstands, and they were the first to be delivered to homes.

P. 23, ex. 2 ©

1. Most of them offer local and the world news, and articles on current events; many newspapers and magazines print specialized articles for target readers. There are also advertisements.

2. It describes the news in detail, giving reasons for why a certain event has happen, and what consequences [наслідки] it will cause.

3. It usually deals with giving the editor’s view on the most important topics or events.

4. I think the most interesting item is what awaits Ukraine on its road to the European Union.

P. 24, ex. 4

1 — В (a new tests system for American 8-graders); 2 — D (a film award); 3 — C (parents’ dreams of making household chores easier); 4 — A (help to badly treated children)

P. 26, ex. 6 ©

I think that people must know what is happening in their community, hometown, in their native country, an in the world. There is a saying, «Forewarned is forearmed» which means that if you possess information you are better equipped for coping with a situation. In Ukraine there are many informative newspapers, and «the Facty» («the Facts») is one of them. It is published four day s a week and covers both the local news and world-wide events There are many informative articles on politics and economy with interesting commentaries. There is also the letters column, interviews with famous people, and the sports page. It has thousands of subscribers all over Ukraine.

P. 26, ex. 8 © #

The latest issue of our local newspaper contains articles on current events in our town. The editorial presents the general picture of preterm mayor elections, the mayor being under investigation for public money misappropriation.

The editor provides detailed analysis of candidates’ electoral campaigns and promises. He draws our attention to their similarity and the candidates’ unfair play involving the use of black PR and giving unrealistic promises. In my opinion, the aim of the article is to draw people’s attention to their responsibility for the choice they make. Sad as it is, the keynote of the article is that little has changed in our town in 25 years of independence and that people’s mood can be described as apathy.

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