Розв’язання вправ та завдань до підручника «АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА» 8 клас А. М. Несвіт (8-й рік навчання) - 2016 рік


Lesson 12. Grammar Revision

Р. 31, ex. 1

1. How long has Fleet Street been the home of the British Press?

2. What service do newspapers provide for the community?

3. Where does she usually find information on current events?

4. What kind of information does the «Ukrainian Observer» describe?

5. When did they read and discuss the editorial?

6. How fast is the information distributed by the «Interfax-Ukraine»?

P.31, ex. 2

1. were begun; 2. spread; 3. described; 4. invented; 5. appeared; 6. had; 7. had; 8. called; 9. was printed; 10. was documenting; 11. was arrested; 12. were destroyed; 13. was; 14. made.

P. 31, ex. 3

A:.. .buy...; В: I don’t know...; A:.. .is great. What kind of articles are you interested in?; B: ...including = which include; I think ... is interesting.; A:There are found some «how to» columns there.; Experts write...giving tips...; В: I like...

P. 32, ex. 4 ©

1. A: It’s time to subscribe to newspapers for the next year. I think we should subscribe to «The Ukrainska Pravda» and «The Hunting and Fishing». Would you like to add anything to this list?

B: Certainly. I think we should subscribe to «The Cooking» for mum and for the «Cool!» for me.

A: Is it a newspaper or a magazine?

B: Of course it’s a teenage magazine. It publishes articles on fashion and modern lifestyle, fitness, and young people’s relations. It has many photos, and posters, and it’s... cool!

A: Well, every family member should have his or her publication. We’ll subscribe to the «Cool!» as well.

B: Great. Thanks.

2. A: Good afternoon. Can I have the latest issue of the «OOPS!» please?

B: Let me see, I’m afraid we’ve run out of it. Would you like «Cool» instead?

A: Well, I need «OOPS!» for my English project. They have an interview with ' Sarah Jessica Parker in that issue.

B: Come tomorrow then, I’ll order more copies from the store.

A: Thank you.

P. 32, ex. 5 © #

Dear Mary,

Thank you for your letter in which you told about the press in your country and ask what publications I read.

Well, we have hundreds of newspapers and magazines in Ukraine for everyone’s tastes. As for me, I am not much of a reader. Of course I follow the events in Ukraine and in the world, and I look for information on TV and the Internet. The newspaper I look forward for reading is «Football». It’s a weekly, and contains more than a dozen pages. I compete with my father for reading it. It’s a paper for real men! In the «Football» they describe the latest football events not only in Ukraine, but worldwide, provide commentaries and interviews with sportsmen and sports officials. Also, there are articles on football stars’ private life.

Don’t you think that in a few decades newspapers will disappear and their place will be taken by the Internet? What’s your opinion on modern technologies? Write me soon.

Sincerely yours,


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