Розв'язання вправ та завдань до підручника - Англійська мова 9 клас О.Д. Карп’юк - 2009 рік


Lessons 1-2

ex. 3

1. advances

2. invention

3. science

4. discovery

5. technologies

6. engineering


ex. 6

A 1

B 2

C 3

D 4

E 6

F 8

G 5

ex. 7

1. T

2. T

3. F

4. F

5. F

6. T

ex. 7

1. technology

2. affect

3. devices

4. cleaning

5. washing

6. electricity

7. natural resources

8. the environment

9. communicate

10. change

11. skills

12. technological advances

Lessons 3-4

ex. 3

1. C

2. E

3. A

4. D

5. B

ex. 5

1. a cell phone

2. a configuration

3. a display

4. to communicate

5. to develop

6. to own

7. browse

8. a device

ex. 6

1. b

2. c

3. 8

4. b

5. c

6. b

ex. 9

Are They Expensive Toys?

I much prefer a phone that is simple to use, just to text and make and receive calls. If I want to take pictures, I will use a proper camera, better pictures, if I want the Internet, I will use computer. The more rubbish on a phone, the more likely it will go wrong. I find that simple designs are easier to live with. My phone has text messaging and a fairly rudimentary camera, which I use mainly to store photos of things that mean a lot to me, rather than take pictures with. In my experience, devices with lots of gadgets and functions have an initial novelty value, but after a while in everyday use, most of these extra functions are never used.

The most important advantage of cell phones is that you can use them almost everywhere without cables or electricity. By using mobile phones, you can communicate with everyone whenever you want and wherever you are.

Also, when somebody wants to reach you, he can get in touch with you by touching a few buttons. You can carry a mobile phone with you don’t miss important calls. If you are lost, you can call for directions.

Beside this, among advantages is safety, if there is an urgent situation, such as an accident, you can call the police or ambulance — and if the phone has a camera, you can take pictures of the accident or a meeting with someone, you certainly need a mobile phone.

In addition, you can carry a cell phone easily. Furthermore, cell phones are not only used for communication, but they can also be used for taking pictures, listening to music, playing games, getting onto the internet, and so on. Recently, the most common way of communication in the world has been the SMS. Cell phones include this system; in this way you can communicate with someone for cheaper than a normal call. Most mobile phones have a calculator and a phone book.

On the other hand, using a cell phone has some disadvantages. For example, it is a very expensive way of communication. Moreover, radiation from cell phones is not good for humans' health. It especially has bad effects on children and old people. Furthermore, if you have a full system working car. your ABS system or some electrical equipment in your car can be blocked by cell phone signals.

The cell phone has pushed people apart from each other, e. g. instead of going to see the parents just call them and one does not need to go and see them so just to find out how are you is not enough. One of the disadvantages is having to answer inconvenient phone calls, i. e. from you boss. People can get a hold of you anytime anywhere. People can find you if they need to. And this is loss of privacy. But you don’t have to answer the phone. That’s what caller ID is for! Other disadvantages are: flat battery, signals that may affect some stereo, annoying due to ringing of the phone in public, accidents such as using mobile phones in cars while driving.

Basically. I use my phone as a tool for needing to ask a question of someone when I am out — like, «Can I get you something from the store?" and the things like that.

But then I get pesky phone calls from someone I might not want to talk to every now and then. I just let it go to the voice mail and I can always say that I didn’t get reception or hear my phone ring. Another good thing is when I lost somebody in the crowd and we call each other to find each other.

To sum up, cell phones not only have advantages, but they also have disadvantages. Mobile phones make our life easier, but on the other hand, they may cause some serious health problems.

Lessons 5-6

ex. 3(a)




the Internet








ex. 5









ex. 7


Tech support asked if the customer was sure he had used the right password.

The customer answered the he was sure. He said the he had seen his colleague had done that.

Tech support asked if the customer could tell him what the password had been.

The customer answered five stars.


The customer said the he had a huge problem. A friend had placed a screen saver on his computer, but every time he moved his mouse it disappeared.


Tech support asked if he could see the "OK" button displayed in the bottom left of the screen.

The customer was surprised how tech support could see his screen from there.


Advisor said the he had Spyware on his machine which was causing the problem. The customer was surprised and asked if the could see him getting dressed through the monitor.

ex. 10

Modern World: Virtual Reality or Real Communication? Computers, video games, and the Internet have become entrenched features of our daily lives. Computers are in houses, in offices, in shops and at schools. Is it good or bad? Do they make our life easier? Some people think that computer is bad and they don't need it. They can't use it and they don’t want to learn. But without computers many things wouldn’t exist, like so popular credit cards.

Computers have a good side. They help write many documents very fast. They help correct mistakes in texts, in other languages to. Computer printers make possibility to print something. We can spend free time playing computer games. Computer games are very popular and they are on many shops.

Computer use has reached beyond work and is now a major source of fun and entertainment for many people. For most people, computer use and video game play is integrated into their lives in a balanced healthy manner. For others, time spent on the computer or video game is out of balance, and has displaced work, school, friends, and even family.

What is computer and video game addiction?

When time spent on the computer, playing video games or cruising the Internet reaches a point that it harms a child’s or adult’s family and social relationships, or disrupts school or work life, that person may be caught in a cycle of addiction. Like other addictions, the computer or video game has replaced friends and family as the source of a person's emotional life. Increasingly, to feel good, the addicted person spends more time playing video games or searching the Internet. Time away from the computer or game causes moodiness or withdrawal.

When a person spends up to ten hours a day or more rearranging or sending files, playing games, surfing the net, visiting chat rooms, instant messaging, and reading e-mails, that easily can reach up to seventy to eighty hours a week on-line with the computer. Major social, school or work disruptions will result.

So, computers have good and bad sides. But can anybody imagine word without computers? I can’t imagine that. I can’t life without computer. I do many things on it.

My opinion about computer is positive. I think computers make life easier in every way.

Lessons 7-8

ex. 2

1. c

2. c

3. c

4. c

ex. 4

1. type click

2. send

3. download

4. taka

5. enter

ex. 5

I told him. "Make sure we have enough prises for all the competitions".

I asked him "Buy a few postcards to write invitations for our school guests".

I also told him: "Finish the decorating of the school assembly hall by nest Friday"

ex. 6

1. C

2. F

3. D

4. A

5. E

6. B

7. G

ex. 7

To: sergeykirik@rambler.ru


Subject Project: "Life In the future"

Dear Sergey.

Just a quick note to tell you about a project we're working now together with our classmates.

I prepared a plan for the presentation. I am sending you this plan to agree all the points I'd like to include in our project.

Could we also visit the local library together to find the extra material for the project? Can you tell me the possible time which is convenient to you?

Hope to see you as soon as possible.

Best regards.


Lesson 9

ex. 1(a)


ex. 3

The Most Miraculous Product Ever Created: Photoshop Beauty Spray Photoshop the world's most widely used photo retouching software, has caused a massive shake-up in the cosmetic, fitness and plastic surgery industries after launching its newest product, Photoshop in a Can. Insiders claim this new form of sprayable Photoshop will eliminate the need for cosmetics, hair styling products, fitness centres and elective cosmetic surgery . Analysts predict the product will cause the beauty industry to collapse and thousands of jobs will be cut. Hair salons and gyms across the world will shut down. The City of Beverly Hills, CA has called in the National Guard io assist with the angry swarms of protesting plastic surgeons and personal fitness trainers. Photoshop in a Can promises effortless beauty and perfection with one push of a button. Now, even the most homely individual can achieve the illusion of impossible beauty and unattainable perfection so widely pumped out by today's media. Truly a miracle in a can.

Lesson 10

ex. 1

1. was shown

2. was designed

3. was

4. opened

5. are delighted

6. helps

7. has changed

8. built

9. attracted

10. is

11. is designed

ex. 2

1. When and where was Yuriy Gagarin born?

2. What education did he get?

3. When did he become interested in aircraft?

4. What talent and abilities did he display when he studied at a local flying school?

5. When did he volunteer to become a cosmonaut?

6. What group was he selected to?

7. When was an official announcement of Gagarin as pilot made?

ex. 3

1. Mrs. Lowey asked what Marie and Pierre Curie had discovered.

2. Mr. Phels asked what Mark knew about Alfred Nobel.

3. Steve asked if jack is interested in scientific discoveries.

4. Carol asked what the achievements of modern science and technology Were.

5. James said that he had never though about the innovations

6. Mary asked where Jack could apply his knowledge of Physics.

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