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Цілі: вдосконалювати навички читання, письма й усного монологічного мовлення; розвивати пізнавальні інтереси учнів; виховувати відповідальне став­лення до навчання, а також загальну культуру учнів.


1. Warm-up

1) Do you like to study English?

2) What are your usual class activities during English lesson?

3) How long have you been studying English?

4) Did you study English at the primary school?

2. Listening

Listen to the dialogue and say if you had the same English activities when you were at the primary school? Did Jerry like to teach the kids? Why do you think so?

Jerry, an American volunteer, tells Kate about his first visit to a primary Ukrainian school.

Jerry. Hi Kate, how was your day?

Kate. Hi Jerry, I’ve been looking for you. Where have you been?

Jerry. I just had a very interesting experience. I spent the whole day with dozens of little children!

Kate. That sounds like fun.

Jerry. Yes, it was fun. but exhausting! Kids have so much energy. Kate. Where did you meet all these kids?

Jerry. At the primary school down the street. I visited some of their classes in the morning, then taught them some simple English in the after­noon.

Kate. English must be very difficult for them.

Jerry. Actually, they were very eager to learn. I was quite impressed. Kate. What did you teach them?

Jerry. One teacher gave me some sentences to practice. The kids love to repeat things out loud! Sometimes I shouted the sentences, and they shout­ed back at me. Other times I whispered, and they whispered back. They were very cute.

Kate. Yes, I can imagine.

Jerry. We also sang songs and played some English games together. Kate. That’s great. You know, when I was in primary school, we never had English lessons.

Jerry. How about in middle school?

Kate. We studied English, but only for a test. It wasn’t very practical. Jerry. Well, you’ve managed to learn English very well. I guess it’s be­cause you’re a «Super Student».

Kate. Ha ha ha. Not me! The kids you saw today seem to be much more «super» than I am. They’re the future of Ukraine.

Jerry. Yes, they are, so Ukraine must have a bright future! I won­der what this country will be like in 15 or 20 years when these kids are adults...

3. Speaking and writing

► Work in pairs.

Look through the list of the phrases below. Discuss it with your part­ner, complete the list with your own ideas and write some advice to the pu­pils from junior forms.

—    You’d better.

—    I used to be.

—    Always ask for advice if.

—    It is necessary.

—    It is also very important to make sure.

—    If there is too much information.

—    If there is a couple of days before exams.

—    Organize your time.

—    It is not a bad idea.

—    If you need some advice.

—    If I were you.

—    I think you’ll.

—    This will help.

—    Don’t give up.

—    In addition to all this.

Summarize your pieces of advice and present them to the class in a short repot.

4. Writing

Write the description of your school following the plan below.

✵  type

✵  building

✵  where it is situated

✵  kinds of classrooms

✵  number of pupils

✵  subjects you study

✵  kinds of out-of-school activities

Don’t forget to write what you prefer to study (science, humanities, math, literature, history, language and why) and if you participate in any out-of-school activities.

5. Summary

1) Do you participate in out-of-school activities in English?

2) Would you like to study any other foreign languages?

3) Will you future career require the knowledge of English? Why?

6. Homework

Write an essay following the plan below.

✵  Do you intend to study English when you finish school?

✵  What kind of career do you choose?

✵  Does your career require knowledge of English? Why?

✵  What are you going to do to master English?

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