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Цілі: перевірити рівень умінь учнів з письма


Choose any topic you like and write an essay.

Who is responsible for the fact that a lot of children are less healthy nowadays: school, parents or children themselves?

Which of the following arguments may you use to express reason and to show result in your composition? Put them into two groups. You may add your own ideas.

✵ They don’t serve the right food in the school.

✵ Parents give us chips, hamburgers and pizza.

✵ Parents do not exercise themselves.

✵ There’s little time to prepare healthier meals.

✵ They only sell chocolate and cakes.

✵ My friend has a disease because of an unhealthy diet.

✵ Children have no good example.

✵ Kids lost interest in keeping themselves fit; they don’t try to eat heal­thily or exercise.

✵ Parents don’t give their children enough fruit and vegetables.


reason / cause

result / effect




Your pen friend wrote you a letter where he / she told you about his / her plans for the future. Answer your pen friend’s letter and tell him / her about your plans for the future, opportunities you have to continue your education. Express your opinion about the professions you may choose.

My best memories.

✵ Describe emotions you felt when you found yourself in high school (10­-11  forms).

✵ Do you remember any school events with admiration / regret? What school event will remain in your memory? Why?

✵ Are you going to keep in touch with your classmates after school? what are your further life-plans? Do you think about your school years with regret?

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