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Цілі: перевірити рівень умінь учнів з аудіювання.


Listen to the text and do the task.

An Ipswich mother, who allowed her son to go on holiday during school term, has been fined J400 after her son repeatedly refused to go to school. The 36-year-old mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared before South East Suffolk Magistrates Court yesterday where magistrates heard her 14-year-old son was currently on holiday in Spain. She told that court: «He just does not like going to school. Although he is getting better now and seems to be enjoying it».

The boy has had 145 unauthorised absences between October 15 last year and March 22 this year. His absences were blamed on a late-night life style. The mother has been attending parenting classes voluntarily and told the court that she thought they were helping her. Out of the last eight school sessions — there are two a day — he has attended five. Chairman of the bench David Coe asked her if she thought she could get her son to school in future.

«Yes I think I can with some help», she said. She told the court that he was on holiday during the time other pupils were doing work experience because he had not been given a place.

On sentencing Mr Coe said: «He is not in school and then he disappears on holiday. We would expect the local authority to bring this back to court quickly if there are further problems». She was fined £400 and ordered to pay £50. Yesterday’s case is the second to be dealt with by south east Suffolk magistrates recently. Last month a 37-year-old was fined J50 after her son had attended just 16 out of 182 sessions. And the cases follow national concern after Oxfordshire mother Patricia Amos was jailed for allowing her children to miss school. She was originally sentenced to 60 days’ jail, but this was reduced on appeal.

True or False

1) The boy had returned to school when his mother was in court.

2) The main reason for his absences was the fact that he went out late every night.

3) The mother has to go to parenting classes.

4) The mother claims her son is not currently missing school lessons.

5) The mother may find herself in court again soon.

6) There have been other similar cases nationwide but this is the first in this area.

7) There was national support for the tough treatment of Patricia Amos.

Key: 1 F, 2 T, 3 F, 4 T, 5 T, 6 F, 7 F.

Listen to some information and give short answers.


Whether you’re following a healthy food plan, staying on a diet, or simply watching what you eat, dining out no longer has to be a challenge. Restaurants, bistros, even take-away and fast food outlets have a vast range of tasty products geared towards the weight conscious eater, but even if a «healthy option» isn’t on the menu there are still many ways to eat well, without resorting to calorie counting every meal.

Before you order avoid nibbling while you wait! If you have no self control then simply ask that the free nibbles are taken away.

Don’t be rushed. Take your time over your choices and don’t be impulsive. Imagine what eating it will do to you if you regret it for the rest of the afternoon was it really worth it? You may want a taste of something but would you be happy with just a forkful of someone else’s meal to satisfy your taste buds?

Look in every section of the menu (not just the healthy eating option) as some healthy eating options contain more calories than the regular menu! (Strange but true.)

Choose meals high in vegetable content. Vegetables contain far less calories than anything else on the menu, but remember: your choice isn’t necessarily vegetarian, even fajitas contain a lot more vegetables than steak pie!

Look at cooking methods. Grilled steak has less calories than pan fried.

Look for hidden calories, the salad dressing, the sauce etc. If possible ask for these to be served separately or left off altogether.

And finally avoid pastry it contains a LOT of calories.

Order just 1 or 2 courses not three. You may desperately want that chocolate pudding, so why not have a starter and pudding instead of a main course?

Order a smaller portion or a portion to share.

Ask for the sauce/dressing to be served separately so you can reduce the amount you eat yourself. Also check any vegetables aren’t going to arrive coated in butter.

If you meal doesn’t come with vegetables ask for a side order of some so you can fill up on the good stuff.

Avoid chips and roast potatoes boiled ones are just fine.

Order drinks with low calorific content. Fruit juice may seem healthy, but it is packed with calories! Remember there is nothing wrong with water, and if you have to have something a little more tasty than go for the low cal soft drink options or tea / coffee.

When the meal arrives eat the vegetables first to fill yourself up on the lowest calorie foods.

Eat slowly to allow time for your stomach to tell your brain it is full. That way you’ll eat less.

Don’t eat everything on the plate! Either ask for a box so you can take some home for later, or simply leave it behind.

Armed with these simple tips you can never go wrong. Healthy eating challenge? What challenge?

1) Is healthy eating a challenge when you are on diet?

2) Should you eat small amounts of food while you’re waiting for you order?

3) How should you eat to enjoy your meal?

4) What should your meals contain in great amount?

5) Does the number of calories depend on the cooking method?

6) What should we avoid?

7) Are there any calories in packed fruit juice?

8) Should we eat everything we order?

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