Розробки уроків - АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА - 11 клас - за підручником О. Д. Карп’юк



Цілі: перевірити рівень умінь учнів з письма.


Choose any topic you like and write an essay.

1) Your school magazine has asked you to write an essay about your school life.

Write about:

✵ your studies

✵ your activities after school

✵ your likes / dislike about school

✵ people who you admire at school

✵ the brightest moment in your school life

2) You have seen the following advertisement.

Write an application letter.


Saturday assistant required for local sport equipment shop. Job involves serving customers, as well as providing information on our products. No experience or knowledge is necessary as full training is provided. Some interest in sport equipment and sport activities would be an advantage.

Please apply in writing to Sound Bites, 25 High Street.

3) What would the world be like without families?

4) Read the descriptions of some restaurants in Kyiv and write where you would like to go out for eating and why.


Delight, coziness and luxury are the feelings that you perceive when you are getting in Avalon magnificent fish restaurant. In menu are more then 20 kinds of fish, which are cooking according to your wish. Restaurant varies with wide choice of shellfish. Skilled sommelier recommends the best wines from France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Address: 3 Leontovycha St.


All will be jazz at the Dixieland Restaurant, located not far from Kiev downtown and hidden in the shade of old poplars. The Dixieland has been reckoned as one of the most stylish restaurants of the Ukrainian capital. Like jazz improvisation the sophisticated menu embraces exotic motifs and the best of classic and new cooking.

Address: 14/2 Kyrylo-Mefodyivska St.


The highly versatile restaurant, that is open 24 hours a day, has a friendly environment, bursting with genuine Ukrainian hospitality. At the Grand Plaza you would be offered a large and varied menu including various dishes to suit all tastes. Salads and hors d’oeuvres, soups, meat and fish dishes are mainly of «old good» European cuisine.

Address: 1 Peremogi Sq.


Japanese cuisine differs greatly both from European cuisine and oriental culinary traditions. The fundamental rule of Japanese cuisine, which is not only techniques, but mainly traditions and art, can be formulated as following: «Do not create, but find and reveal». It perfectly suits Japanese philosophy, according to which people shouldn’t try to change the world.

Address: 55 Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya St.

Additional material


(BY Shel Silverstein)

I said, «I’ll take the T-bone steak»

A soft voice mooed, «Oh wow»

And I looked up and realized

The waitress was a cow.

I cried, «Mistake — forget the the steak.

I’ll take the chicken then»

I heard a cluck — ’twas just my luck

The busboy was a hen.

I said, «Okay no, fowl today.

I’ll have the seafood dish»

Then I saw through the kitchen door

The cook — he was a fish.

I screamed, «Is there anyone workin’ here

Who’s an onion or a beet?

No? You’re sure? Okay then friends,

A salad’s what I’ll eat»

They looked at me. «Oh, no», they said,

«The owner is a cabbage head»

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