Розробки уроків - АНГЛІЙСЬКА МОВА - 11 клас - за підручником О. Д. Карп’юк



Цілі: вдосконалювати навички усного мовлення й читання; розвивати культуру спілкування й мовленнєву реакцію учнів; виховувати естетичний смак і загальну культуру учнів.



1) What was the last movie you saw?

2) Was it good?

3) Who did you see it with?

4) What’s the best movie you’ve ever seen?

2. Speaking

Do ex. 1, p. 180.

3. Vocabulary practice

Study the meaning of the following words and then fill in the gaps.


something which is done in a different way, not done in the normal way


extremely artistic, overly artistic, too artistic


something which entertains; amusing and interesting


something which is very funny; something which makes you laugh


1) containing strong emotions or feelings 2) extreme


relaxing, amusing, not too intense, opposite of «intense»


something which is usual, or commonly done , usually high-budget, popular, and made for entertainment. «Mainstream» is the opposite of «alternative»


1) not deep or profound; lacking real content 2) only on the surface


something which makes you keep guessing or makes you question how something will end


something which makes you think used to describe many different things, such as movies, books, conversations, ideas, issues, etc.

Christine. What did you think of the movie? Did you like it?

Sarah. Not really, it was a little too ... for me. It seemed like the director was trying so hard to impress us with strange close-ups and avant-garde dialogue that he forgot to include a story. I thought it was really boring.

Christine. I thought the movie was really ... . I love it when a movie makes you think. It’s a nice change from the ... dialogue and two-dimensional characters you usually see in films these days.

Sarah. I don’t really care for ... films. They are so dark and depressing. The characters are always so ... . Why does a movie have to be sad to be deep?

Christine. Yeah, I know what you mean, but ... cinema is nothing but gunfights and exploding cars. I get so sick of movies like that. I prefer movies with substance.

Sarah. But sometimes, you don’t want to think; sometimes, you just want a ... movie. Like that comedy with Billy Crystal — that was so ... . I laughed so hard that I cried.

Christine. Movies have to be more than ... to me.

Sarah. Did you see that new mystery movie with Nicole Kidman that came out last month? That was so ... . I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Christine. I loved that movie. The plot was great, and the acting was incredible. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were nominated for an Academy Award.

Sarah. Well, at least we agree on something. I guess we’ll have to stick to mysteries in the future.

4.Reading and speaking

Do ex. 2, p. 180.

5. Listening and speaking

Listen to the text and say:

1) What is it about?

2) What kind of writing is it, in your opinion?

3) Would you like to study there? Why?

Steven Spielberg, A1 Pacino, Robert Downey Jr., Jamie Foxx, and Jodie Foster are among the many figures in the film industry who have sent their family members to study at the New York Film Academy honored to be the film and acting school of choice of these other luminaries including Kevin Kline, Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins directors Stephen Frears, Peter Bogdonavich, Roger Donaldson and James L. Brooks.

The New York Film Academy was founded on the philosophy that «learning by doing» combined with best industry practices is more valuable than years of theoretical study for filmmakers and actors. This educational model allows students to achieve more in less time than at all other film or acting schools in the world.

The New York Film Academy offers One-year programs in Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Producing, Screenwriting, 3D Animation, Cinematography, Broadcast Journalism, Digital Photography and Game Design; as well as an Accelerated Three-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree programs in Filmmaking, Acting, 3D Animation and Game Design. Our school also offers a two-year Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees in Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Screenwriting, Producing, Cinematography, Documentary, Game Design and Digital Photography, and two-year Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) degrees in Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Producing, Screenwriting and Game Design at the Los Angeles campus at Universal Studios. Each program is structured for students who want intensive training using professional facilities and equipment starting their first day of classes; better preparing them for a career in the motion picture and entertainment industries. In the first year of any of filmmaking programs each student will write, shoot, direct and edit 8 films and work as crew of 28 more! Register in any of our world-class programs and get the experience you need to excel in your field.

For those that are considering sharpening their skills, our film schools, acting schools, and photography school offer short term filmmaking, acting, and photography workshops as well. We also host film and acting camps throughout the world that are designed for high school aged students.

Be ready for the most challenging and rewarding experience of your life. Gain unsurpassed real world experience to prepare you for a career in filmmaking, acting for film, screenwriting, producing, cinematography, 3D animation or musical theatre. You can enroll in a short-term workshop or spend one, two or three years dedicated to perfecting your craft, instead of just reading books and attending lectures.

The New York Film Academy is considered the best hands-on film school in the world by many of today’s top filmmakers. Our student body is remarkably diverse. Across our New York City and Los Angeles campuses, our students represent over 77 different nationalities, and this diversity adds to the creative atmosphere and fosters a unique artistic community.

6. Summary

1) Do you think that movies from different countries can teach us about other cultures?

2) Is there a movie you could watch over and over again?

7. Homework

Ex. 2, p. 180.

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