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Lesson 3

Тема. Як він / вона виглядає


навчальна: вивчити новий вірш, активізувати вивчений лексико-граматичний матеріал, розвивати вміння та навички читання, письма, усного мовлення;

розвивальна: розвивати усні комунікативні вміння з опорою на наочність;

виховна: виховувати зацікавленість у розширенні своїх знань, загальну культуру учнів.

Обладнання: таблиці «Зовнішність. Частини тіла», лялька.

Хід уроку


1. Play a simple «Draw, fold and pass» game, like this:

Each pupil has a blank sheet of paper. Give an instruction: «Draw the head... Draw the nose, the eyes, and the mouth.» Pupils draw a head with eyes, nose and mouth. They then fold over the top of their paper to cover the head they have drawn, and pass on the paper to their neighbour.

Give other instructions (...the body ...the arms ...the hands, etc). Pupils draw, fold, and pass the paper to their neighbor each time.

After drawing the feet, pupils unfold the whole drawing and describe the one they have using the adjectives they know.


2. Listen and repeat (p. 48, ex. 1).

Teach and then drill the new words shown in the picture. If the pupils have difficulties, translate the words into their native language.

Pupils take turns to read out the words. Help them with pronunciation.


3. Work in pairs. Ask and answer (p. 48, ex. 2).

Some pupils read the questions, others answer them, using the pictures (p. 48, ex. 1).

Write a table with questions on the board to help the pupils to make questions.

Who has got

fair hair?

curly hair?

straight hair?

green eyes?

brown eyes?

Who is





4. Listen and do (p. 48, ex. 3).

Read the poem. Pupils listen.

Read again, pausing after each sentence. Tell the pupils to stand up. Let the pupils repeat the actions after you.

Ask the pupils to read the poem too. Do choral and individual repetition.

Read the poem and translate the difficult words if necessary.

Say the poem together and do the actions. Ask the pupils to repeat after you.


5. Listen and read (p. 49, ex. 4).

Ask the pupils to read the text individually.

Ask the pupils, «Who is Monica? Is her face funny? How many hands has she got? What is her mother’s name?» etc.

Take turns to read the text again.

6. Choose and say (p. 49, ex. 5).

Ask the pupils to read the sentences individually and choose the correct answers.

Key: 1. a mother and a daughter; 2. a funny face; 3. play music.

7. Find and say (p. 49, ex. 6).

This activity helps the pupils to associate spoken sounds with written letters. Read the text (p. 49, ex. 4) again.

Find the «M m» words.

Ask the pupils to write the words on the board or you can do it yourself to save time.

Make up sentences with the «M m» words.

Key: Mira is Monica’s mother.


8. Speak English (p. 49, ex. 7).

Describe your friend’s appearance. Complete the sentences.


Learn the words.

Bring a photo of your mother. Describe your mother.

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