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Semester I. Listening Comprehension

Variant I

1. 1) — What's your hobby?

— I'm fond of photography.

— What do you like to photograph?

— Animals, I think.

   2) — Excuse me. Madam. I'd like to post a letter but I haven't got a pen. Won't you give me yours?

— Here you are.

— Thank you.

— You're welcome.

   3) — Are you going to Richard's birthday party?

— Yes, but I haven't got any present.

— Let's give him some flowers and a box of chocolate.

— I have a better idea. He's got a computer. Let's give him a disc as a present.


2. A Dangerous Pool

Jimmy lived in the country and he loved to play in a small river near the house. But then his father got a job in a big city, and Jimmy went to live there with his family.

Their new house had a garden, but the garden was very small. Jimmy wasn't very happy.

"Is there a river near there?" he asked his mother on the first morning.

His mother answered, "No, there isn't, but there's a beautiful park near here, Jimmy, and there's a pool in it. We'll go there this afternoon". Jimmy was happy.

After lunch, Jimmy and his mother went to the park. Jimmy wanted to come near the pool, but there was a warning in front of it. His mother read it to him. "This pool is very dangerous. 157 people fell into it". Jimmy looked into the pool and then said, "I can't see them".


Variant II

1. 1) — Hello, Mum. I'm phoning from the camp.

How are you? How's Dad?

— We are fine, thanks Jack. How are things with you?

— I'm OK. Only the weather's rainy and we can't play outdoors.

2) — Will you go to school tomorrow, Tom?

— Yes, of course. Why?

— Let's meet at the bus stop at 8 o'clock.

— Oh, you see, my Mum will drive me to school tomorrow. You can go with us.

3) — Where's your English teacher, Laura?

— There he is, a tall dark-haired man.

— Is he wearing a shirt and a tie?

— No, he's wearing a sweater. And he's got glasses.


2. He Played with God

Neil was five years old, and he had no brothers or sisters. He lived with his parents in the country, and there were no neighbours near his house.

One Saturday Neil's uncle Fred came and visited them. He had lunch with Neil and his parents, and then Neil's mother went into the kitchen and washed the dishes, and his father went out and washed the car.

"Stay here and talk to uncle Fred", Neil's father said to him.

"And show him your toys", his mother said.

Neil showed his uncle his toys and they talked in the living-room. Then Neil said to his uncle, "I'm going out to play with God in the garden now".

His uncle was surprised. "How do you play with God, Neil?"

"It's easy", Neil answered. "I throw the ball up, and then God throws it back down to me".


Semester II. Listening Comprehension

Variant I


1. Conversation 1

—  Excuse me, madam. I need something to stop my headache. Could you tell me how to use these pills?

—  You should take two pills two times a day.

—  Before or after meals?

—  Before meals.

—  Do you think the medicine will help?

—  Sure. This is the best we have.

Conversation 2

—  Sit down, Mandy. You are not ready for today.

—  Sorry, it was my birthday yesterday and I didn't have time to learn the poem. Can I do it for the next time?

—  OK., be ready for Thursday or you'll get a bad mark.


2. I love Halloween. It's on the 31 of October and on this night witches fly through the air on their broomsticks. We always have a party.

My little brother, Michael, likes making a Halloween lantern at school. He makes a funny face in a big round fruit called a pumpkin. It has two eyes, a nose and a big mouth. When it is dark, we put a light inside the pumpkin.

I love fancy dress parties and we always wear fancy dress at our Halloween party. I love wearing my witch costume. I wear my mother's long black dress and a tall pointed hat. I've got a broomstick, too, but I can't fly! Michael doesn't like wearing fancy dress but he doesn't mind being a ghost. He wears a big white sheet and he runs around the house and shouts, "Ooooooooh!"

The party starts at seven o'clock. My friends all come in fancy dress. This year we've got five witches, three ghosts and one vampire! We play Halloween games like "bobbing apples". You try to eat the apples which are in a big bowl of water, and you can't touch them with your hands. It's very difficult! And of course we have lots of sausages and crisps to eat.


Variant II

1. Conversation 1

—  Excuse me, sir. I need the Zoo. Could you tell me where to get off?

—  Sure. But it's rather far from here, about five stops. I'll tell you where to get off. Sit down near the window. You can see parks, streets, houses through the window.

—  Thank you very much.

Conversation 2

—  Can I help you, madam?

—  Yes, please. I need a nice box of chocolate sweets for my friend's birthday.

—  These are very tasty sweets. They are very popular with buyers. The box is about fifteen hryvnyas.

—  Thank you. I'll buy it. Shall I pay here?

—  Yes, please.


2. Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday, dear (Oksana)

Happy birthday to you.

The author of this song is Patty Hill. She was a young teacher. She wanted all the children in school to be happy. She had a sister whose name was Mildred. Mildred was a teacher of music. Together they wrote a little song and started to sing it at the beginning of every school day.

They sang:

Good morning to you,

Good morning to you,

Good morning, dear children Good morning to you.

The children replied singing "dear teacher". They also sang the song at the end of the day, singing "Goodbye to you...".

Patty knew that the most important holiday for every child is his birthday. That's why she wrote other words for this song and it became the song we often sing now — "Happy Birthday".

This song became popular very quickly and soon children of other schools and all over the country started singing it. Today, it is the best-known song in the world. Patty Hill never dreamed of such success. She was very modest and kind and when she died, she left her money to poor children.

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