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Цілі: перевірити рівень умінь учнів з усного мовлення.


Choose any of the following topics and speak of it.

1. On the move

1) Do you like to travel?

2) Which types of travel have you tried? (plane, boat, hitch-hiking.)

3) Which do you like best? Why?

4) When do you prefer to travel?

5) Have you traveled by car? Where to?

6) Have you ever travelled by plane?

7) When did you travel by plane last?

8) Where did you fly?

9) How long did it take you to get to the airport?

10) What opportunities does travelling give us?

11) What ways of travel do you know?

12) Which of them do you prefer? Why?

13) Why are many people fond of travelling?

14) What are advantages and disadvantages of travelling by train? (by air, by ship, by car)

2. Around the world

1) Where do you come from?

2) Where is it?

3) Where is it exactly?

4) What does your city like?

5) What is the official language of your country?

6) What information can we find in leaflets?

7) How can it help us?

8) What else can help us when we travel around the city?

9) What means of transport are comfortable for getting around the city?

10) Who can help us to go sightseeing?

11) Do you enjoy looking round cities?

12) What kind of places do you enjoy visiting?

13) What is the most interesting city that you have visited? Why?

14) Which cities would you most like to visit? Why?

3. Welcome to Ukraine!

1) Where is Ukraine situated?

2) What is the capital of Ukraine?

3) What are the biggest cities?

4) What interesting places in Ukraine do you know?

5) Which words do you usually associate with Ukraine?

6) What are the most attractive places in your country?

7) Are there many famous sights in your country? What are they fa­mous for?

8) What’s your favourite place in your country? Is it popular with many people? Why?

9) What is the best kind of transport to travel about Ukraine?

10) What is the best city in our country? Why?

11) What are the most interesting tourist sights for visitors in our city (monuments, museums, temples)?

12) What are the most popular vacation places for people in our coun­try? Why?

4. Save your planet

1) How «green» are you? What have you done to be more friendly to the environment?

2) What are the common environment problems?

3) What are the main pollutants?

4) What is the traffic situation like in your town?

5) Is there a good public transport system?

6) What everyday objects can we recycle?

7) What causes air pollution and acid rain?

8) Which of the world’s seas are the most polluted?

9) What is happening to the world’s rainforests?

10) What destroys the ozone layer?

11) What is happening to the world’s climate?

12) What can people do to prevent the ecological disaster?

13) What is it necessary to do to make our city better to live in?

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