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Цілі: вдосконалювати навички читання, мовлення, уживання в мовленні граматичної структури Past simple і модальних дієслів; формувати лексичні навички; розвивати логічне мислення.


1. Warm-up

1) What is the story about?

2) What are the main characters?

3) Do you know a Ukrainian story which is similar to this one?

2. Speaking True or False

Say which of these statements are true and which are false.

1) The ant played a musical instrument.

2) The grasshopper was lazy.

3) The grasshopper liked music very much.

4) The grasshopper was busy with carrying food.

5) The ant worked hard.

6) The grasshopper was cheerful even in autumn.

7) When winter came the ant was OK.

8) The ant was glad to see the grasshopper in his anthill.

3. Writing

Put the sentences into the correct order.

1) When the winter arrived the grasshopper stopped playing his vio­lin.

2) The ant didn’t help the grasshopper.

3) She carried food to the anthill.

4) The ant didn’t like singing and dancing.

5) The ant was very different from the grasshopper.

6) The grasshopper came to the ant’s house.

Key: 5, 3, 4, 1, 6, 2.

4. Reading

Broken sentences

Cut out and shuffle the parts of the sentences. Students in pairs have to sort out the cards to make up the sentences.


The grasshopper didn’t work and...

...played his violin all the time

The ant worked hard from...

...morning till night

The grasshopper was cheerful and laughed...

...at the ant

The grasshopper sang and danced...

...in autumn too

The grasshopper came to the anthill...

...because he was very angry

The ant didn’t want to help the grass­hopper...

...because he laughed at him in the summer


5. Speaking

Answer the questions.

1) What musical instrument did grasshopper play?

2) Did he love summer?

3) What did he do in summer?

4) Did the ant live far from the grasshopper?

5) Why do we say that the ant was different from the grasshopper?

6) What did the ant do?

7) Why did the grasshopper laugh at the ant?

8) What advice did the ant give to the grasshopper?

9) Did the grasshopper follow the advice?

10)  What happened when the winter came?

11)  Why did the grasshopper come to the anthill?

12)  What did he ask?

13)  Why didn’t the ant help him?

14)  What is the best moral of the story? Prove your opinion.

6. Summary

Retell the story from the part of

a) the ant;

b) the grasshopper.

7. Homework

Get ready with the next home reading (p. 157).

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