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Цілі: вдосконалювати навички вживання граматичних структур Present Perfect у мовленні, удосконалювати навички усного мовлення й письма; учити співпрацювати в групі; виховувати доброзичливе ставлення до співрозмовника.


1.       Warm-up

Imagine that something has happened right now. Say about it using the word just and the following words: fall, break, win, see, find, do, write, hear, meet, be.

Example: I have just seen a monster.

2.       Speaking

Tell about your rules how to remember the spelling of the words.

3.       Practise the Present Perfect Tense.

Revise the irregular verbs. You may use the games from lessons 3, 4.

Open the brackets. Put the verbs into Present Perfect.

1)       Her mother just (to make) a new skirt.

2)       I just (to open) a box of chocolates.

3)       They just (to talk) about it.

4)       Henry just (to tell) me an interesting story.

5)       We just (to write) an exercise.

6)       Susan already (to read) the newspaper.

7)       His grandmother already (to make) a tasty cake.

8)       My friends already (to learn) a lot of English words.

9)       My little sister just (to have) lunch.

10)     Charles never (to be) to Odessa.

11)     Our teacher (not to see) her today yet.

12)     My friends (to play) basketball this morning yet.

13)     John (not to clean) the carpet yet.

Make up questions.



Do Ex. 2, p. 40.

Work in groups.

Ask pupils to imagine that they are preparing for somebody’s birth­day party. Hand them out lists of preparations which they should do and ask them to make up short dialogues.

1) Decorate the room

2) Send the invitations — v

3) Cut the sandwiches

4) Choose the music

5) Lay the table

6) Draw the funny posters — v

7) Make the cake — v

8) Buy the prizes — v

9) Wrap the presents — v

10)  Find the candles for the cake

11)  Clean the room — v


—   Have we sent the invitations yet?

—   Yes, we have. We’ve already done it.

—   And what about the room? Have we decorated the room yet?

—   No, not yet.

Then each group should say what they have already done and what they haven’t done yet.

We’ve already sent the invitations, ___, but we haven’t decorated the room, ______________________ , yet.

You may tick different activities in the handouts for each group.

Do Ex. 3, p. 40.

Do Ex. 4, p. 40 and then say about some things which you have never done yet.

4. Writing

Read the letter in Ex. 5, p. 41 and fill in the necessary verbs in the correct form.

Now write the verbs from the box on the board, ask pupils to close their books and write the similar postcard about their holidays.

5. Summary

Let’s practise Present Perfect again.




























Go over the question and the answer.

—   Have you ever been to Kyiv? — Yes, I have with the class.

Pupils go around the class asking questions then they sum up: Masha has been to Kyiv, but she hasn’t been to Yalta.

6. Homework

Do Ex. 6, p. 41.

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