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Цілі: формувати навички вимови; удосконалювати навички читання й аудіювання, уживання нових лексичних одиниць; розвивати мовну здогадку, пам’ять, творчий характер.


1. Warm-up

Brainstorm all words connected with the following key words: foot­ball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, boxing, etc.

Example: tennis — a ball, a racket, a court, a net, tennis shoes.

2. Speaking

Tell about your school sport team (homework).

3. Reading

Read the texts in Ex. 1, p. 50.

Read the new words on the board (a champion, Wimbledon, to beat a record) and practise them chorally and individually: the boxing cham­pion, the fencing champion, the football champion.

Wimbledon is the centre of lawn tennis.

Have you ever been to Wimbledon?

Wimbledon is a great tennis event.

Every tennis player dreams of playing at Wimbledon.

Have you ever beaten any records?

I’m the champion now! I’ve beaten the world record!

True or False

1) Rosa is fond of chess.

2) Mike likes swimming.

3) Mike’s sister goes to the gym every day.

4) Rosa became interested in tennis many years ago.

5) Rosa’s friend Nick has his tennis training every day.

6) Mike’s cousin is good at fencing.

7) Mike likes watching football matches.

8) Now Rosa is good at tennis.

9) Wimbledon is the best place she has ever been to.

10)  Mike and Rosa have the same favourite sports.

Answer the questions in Ex. 2, p. 51.

4. Speaking Work in pairs.

Make up dialogues.

5. Writing and speaking

Do Ex. 4, p. 51. Write about your favourite sports and then tell about them to the class.

6. Listening

Listen to the text and say which statements are true and which ones are false.


Zorbing is a new exciting sport. A zorb itself is a huge plastic ball (3-3,5 metres tall) which contains another ball. There is a small entrance hole so you can squeeze into the smaller ball. The ball rolls down the hill and so do you. A zorb can reach up to 50-60 km an hour when it’s rolling down.

Zorbing was invented in the 1990s just for fun. Now it is very popu­lar in New Zealand, Australia and in many other countries.

Zorbing is very safe. You are strapped inside the ball, and there is a cushion of air between you and the ground. All people from children to their grandparents can do it. Kids are usually braver than their parents.

True or False

1) There is one ball in zorbing.

2) People are inside the zorb when it rolls down the hill.

3) Zorbing appeared last century.

4) Zorbing is dangerous.

5) It can roll down at high speed.

6) People of all ages can do zorbing.

7. Summary Bingo game

Ask each student to draw 4 x 4 squares and put the following sports in each box in any order. When everyone has prepared their squares, call out the words in any order. Each student puts a cross through the word as it is called out. The winner is the first person to get a line of crosses vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Words: football, rugby, running, court, field event, hockey, rink, vol­leyball, chess, karate, fencing, sailing, rowing, jockey, skiing, sprinter.







volley ball






field event







1) A game with a white ball and two goals.

2) This game has 15 players in each team.

3) It is a track event.

4) A place where you can play tennis.

5) High jump is...

6) It is a team sport on ice.

7) A place where you can go ice-skating.

8) A game with a ball and a high net.

9) A game when you should only think not run or jump.

10)  A style of fighting from the Far East, in which you kick and hit with your hands.

11)  The sport of fighting with a long thin sword.

12)  Wind is necessary for this sport.

13)  A boat is needed for this sport.

14)  A person who rides horses in races.

15)  Snow is necessary for it.

16)  A person who runs fast over short distances.

8. Homework

Ex. 5, p. 51.

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