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Цілі: формувати навички вживання нових лексичних одиниць; формувати навички вимови; удосконалювати навички аудіювання й читання; розвивати мовленнєву реакцію учнів; виховувати позитивне ставлення й повагу до традицій своєї та інших країн.


1. Warm-up

Where are these holidays celebrated? Put these words in the proper columns.


Christmas Halloween Independence Day Easter Father’s Day New Year’s St. Valentine’s Day Pancake Day April Fool’s Day Victory Day Thanksgiving Day Guy Fawkes Day Women’s Day Mother’s Day Columbus Day Memorial Day Boxing Day the Day of the Constitution Martin Luther King’s Day Veterans’ Day Notting Hill Carnival President Day



Great Britain

the USA





Which holidays are celebrated in all these countries?

What holidays do you like most of all?

2. Listening

Listen to the story and complete the sentences below with the only word.

The Best Time for Apples

It was the first English lesson at a small school after summer holi­days. The lesson was about the seasons of the year.

«There are four seasons in the year», said the teacher. «They are spring, summer, autumn and winter. In spring it is warm and every­thing begins to grow. In summer it is hot and there are many flowers in the fields and gardens, in the parks and woods. The farmers work all day long on their farms. In autumn there are a lot of vegetables and fruit. In winter it is cold and it often snows.

Here the teacher stopped and looked at one of the pupils. «Stop talk­ing, Tom», he said. «Now listen to my question. Can you tell us what is the best time for apples?»

«Yes, sir», answered Tom. «It is when the farmer is not at home and there is no dog in the garden».

It was the first ____ after ____ about_______ . In spring it is ____. In summer it is _____. In autumn there are a lot of ____. In winter it often _____. Listen to my ____. The best time for _____ is when the farmer is not at _________ and there is no dog in the _____   .

3. Reading

Read the text in Ex. 1, p. 64 and do the tasks.

True or False

1) We usually rest during many holidays.

2) Many families have a good chance to get together.

3) On all holidays we have parades and fireworks.

4) All holidays are religious.

5) All countries have the same holidays.

6) Each country has its own customs and holidays.

7) Each person has his or her special own holiday.

8) Each holiday depends only on the date.

Do Ex. 2, p. 65.

4. Speaking

Do Ex. 3, p. 65 and then make up sentences according to the example. Example: In (country) people usually celebrate (holiday) on the (date).

5. Writing

Make up sentences and write them down.



6. Speaking Work in pairs.

Do Ex. 4, p. 65.

7. Summary

Do Ex. 5. p. 65.

8. Homework

Write a short paragraph about holidays in Ukraine.

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