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Цілі: вдосконалювати навички вживання граматичних структур груп simple and Continuous у мовленні, удосконалювати навички усного мовлення, читання й письма; розвивати мовну здогадку; виховувати зацікавленість у розширенні своїх знань.


1. Warm-up

Bring some photos of famous people and ask pupils to answer the questions.

—   Where is he / she from?                       — She    is from Italy.

—   What language does he/she speak?       — She  speaks Italian.

—   What nationality is he/she?                   — She   is Italian.

— What does he / she do?                        — She    is an actress.

2. Grammar practice

Revise the rules and do Ex. 1, 2, p. 10

Complete the sentences.

1) When my mobile phone rang I ___.

2) When I was passing the shop-window I ___.

3) When it started raining I ___.

4) My mother saw me when I ___.

5) That great idea came to me when I ___.

6) I burnt my finger when I ___.

7) When somebody knocked I ___.

8) When I was driving the policeman ___.

9) We saw many interesting things when we ___.

10) When I heard this music I ___.

3. Reading and writing

Read the text, find and write out 4 sentences with Past Simple and 4 sentences with Past Continuous.

London Fog

It was a very foggy day in London. The fog was so thick that it was impossible to see more than a foot or so. Buses, cars and taxies were not able to run and were standing by the side of the road. People were trying to find their way about on foot but were losing their way in the fog.

Mr Brown had a very important meeting at the House of Commons and had to get there but no one could take him. He tried to walk there but found that he was quite lost. Suddenly he bumped into a stranger. The stranger asked if he could help him. Mr Brown answered he wanted to get to the Houses of Parliament. The stranger told him he would take him there. Mr Brown thanked him and they started to walk there.

The fog was getting thicker with every minute but the stranger had no difficulty in finding the way. He walked along the street, turned down another, crossed a square and at last after about half an hour’s walk they arrived at the Houses of Parliament.

Mr Brown couldn’t understand how the stranger found his way. «It’s wonderful», he said. «How do you find the way in this fog?»

«It is not trouble at all for me, sir», said the stranger. «I’m blind».

Put the questions to the underlined words in the sentences.

Answer the questions.

1) What was the weather like in London that day?

2) How did the people move in such weather?

3) Where did Mr Brown have to get?

4) Whom did he meet in the fog?

5) How long did it take them to get to the Houses of Parliament?

6) Why was it easy to the stranger to find the way in the fog?

4. Grammar practice

Do Ex. 3, 4, 5, p. 10-11.

5. Reading and speaking

Do Ex. 6, p. 11.

6. Grammar practice

Do Ex. 7, p. 11.

7. Summary

Answer the questions.

1) When did you do your homework yesterday?

2) What were you doing when your mother came?

3) Do you usually do your homework in the evening?

4) Have you done your homework for today?

8. Homework

Retell the story «London Fog» from the part of Mr Brown.

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