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Цілі: вдосконалювати навички читання й усного мовлення; виховувати інтерес до іноземної мови; розвивати мовну здогадку; виховувати почуття доброзичливості й загальну культуру учнів.


1. Warm-up

Write any vocabulary words or expressions from the topic on the board then have all the students repeat them as you write them down. Next send one student out of the room and erase one off the words or expressions, then on the count of three have all the students yell «Come on in!!!» The student outside the classroom comes back in and has to guess the right word, but none of the other kids can tell them the an­swer. Reward the student with a team or individual point.

2. Reading

Before you read

Answer the questions.

1) What is your favourite season?

2) When can you eat many tasty fruit and vegetables?

3) When can you see the first flowers?

4) When can you play snowballs?

5) When can you enjoy swimming in the river.

Practise the new vocabulary

New words to know:

✵ selfish — егоїстичний

✵ a giant — велетень

✵ to get angry — розсердитись

✵ to build — будувати

✵ to be late — спізнюватись

✵ to understand — розуміти

✵ to become — ставати


Ask pupils to read the text for gist and answer the questions:

1) Who wrote the story?

2) What is the story about?

3) What are the main characters?

Ask pupils to read the story again and say if the statements are true or false.

1) The children liked the Giant’s garden very much.

2) The Giant built a high wall not to let the children in.

3) In spring there were a lot of beautiful flowers in the Giant’s gar­den.

4) In summer and in autumn selfish giant could see only snow in his garden.

5) The Giant saw some birds singing in his winter garden.

6) The children helped the Giant to understand that he was wrong.

7) Everybody became happy again.

Fill in the gaps.



bird                                   seasons




allowed                                                       fruit

get                                                      up



1) The Giant got angry because he ___ the children.

2) The children were not ____ to come into the garden.

3) There were all _____ in all gardens.

4) In autumn the Giant had no ____ but only _____ in his          garden.

5) In the corner of the garden he saw a tree with no ____      .

6) In the tree he saw a _____.

7) Under the tree ____      saw a boy.

8) The boy wanted to _____ on the tree.

9) The Giant let the children come ______ his garden again.

After you read

Answer the questions in Ex. 2, p. 71.

Rearrange the sentences according to the text.

1) All the time the trees were white.

2) In spring there were no green trees.

3) The Giant had a beautiful garden.

4) The Giant put the boy up into the tree.

5) The Giant decided to build a high wall around his garden.

6) The Giant was glad to see the children again.

7) One day the Giant didn’t like to see the children in his garden.

8) Only in the Giant’s garden there were no fruit.

3. Speaking

Answer more questions to get ready for retelling.

1) What did the Giant have?

2) Who came to his garden?

3) Why did the Giant build the wall around the garden?

4) Did spring come to all the gardens?

5) Why did the Giant think that the spring was late?

6) Why weren’t there green trees in summer there?

7) What was his garden like in autumn?

8) What happened one morning?

9) What did the Giant understand?

Try to retell the story very shortly. Use the pictures in Ex. 3, p. 71.

4. Summary

What is the best moral of the story? Prove your opinion.

5. Homework

Read text «A Typical Year in Britain» (p. 160) and get ready to dis­cuss it.

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