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Цілі: вдосконалювати навички вживання Question tags у мовленні, усного мовлення й письма; розвивати увагу дітей та кмітливість; виховувати інтерес до іноземної мови.


1. Warm-up

How much do you know about British festivals?

1) At Easter people ___ .

a) eat cross buns.

b) light bonfires.

c)  make pancakes.

2) The Boat Race is between ____.

a) Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

b) Oxford and London Universities.

c)  Cambridge and York Universities.

3) Children dress up as witches ____.

a) at Easter.

b) on Guy Fawkes’ Night.

c)  at Halloween.

4) Ascot is famous for its ____.

a) football team.

b) horse race.

c)  tennis tournament.

5) British children receive their Christmas presents on ____.

a) 24th December.

b) 25th December.

c)  26th December.

6) St. Valentine’s Day is in ____.

a) January.

b) February.

c)  March.

7) Pancake Day is .

a) before Easter

b) during Easter

c)  after Easter

8) The last weekend in August there is ____ .

a) world tennis championship at Wimbledon

b) Notting Hill Carnival in west London

c)  FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium in London

Key: 1 a, 2 a, 3 c, 4 b, 5 b, 6 b, 7 a, 8 b.

2. Listening

Listen to the story and do the tasks.

Christmas in Australia is not like anywhere else! Everything is top­sy-turvy since December is one of the hottest months of the year. But the Australians have a great time anyway. Those who live near the coast go to the beach on Christmas day. They have a swim, play cricket or vol­leyball, surf or just sit around with family and friends enjoying Christ­mas dinner. Santa Claus arrives at Australian beaches on a surfboard — quite a change from sliding down a chimney! And since the weather is hot he often wears a swimsuit or funny baggy shorts.

Christmas is a great time for kids and students — it’s the beginning of their summer holidays and this means FUN, SUN and SURF!

Many Christmas decorations and symbols are the same as in Great Britain or the USA: Christmas trees (usually plastic), turkeys and plum puddings, snow scenes. But among the decorations you can also see toy kangaroos and koala bears.

Christmas in Australia is also celebrated in a fun way on the 25th of July. This ’cold Christmas’ is usually just another excuse for a get-togeth­er with friends and family, but it’s becoming more and more popular!

New words:

✵ Topsy-turvy — перевернутий догори ногами;

✵ excuse — привід;

✵ get-together — вечірка

True or False

1) It is hot in Australia on Christmas.

2) Santa Claus usually appears from a chimney.

3) Santa Claus wears a funny fur coat.

4) School summer holidays start on Christmas.

5) Christmas decorations in Australia, Great Britain and the USA are different.

6) People also celebrate Christmas on the 25th of July.

Complete the sentences.


surfboard                       kangaroos            surf                  koala                     bears                     swimsuit                     beach


1) On Christmas day people go to the ____.

2) They swim, play cricket and ____.

3) Santa Claus arrives on a ____.

4) Santa Claus wears ____.

5) The decorations which you can’t see in America are toy ____ and ____.

3. Speaking

Do Ex. 1, 2, p. 72

4. Writing

Do Ex. 3, 4, p. 72.

5. Speaking

Practise comparative and superlative adjectives. Explain the rule (p. 73) and answer the questions.

1) Who’s the youngest in the class?

2) Who’s the best swimmer in the class?

3) Who’s the tallest in the class?

4) Who’s the fastest runner in the class?

5) Who has the longest hair in the class?

6) Who’s the funniest in the class?

6. Writing

Do Ex. 5(a), p. 73.

7. Summary

What holidays do we have in Ukraine?

Do Ukrainian celebrations differ from British ones?

8. Homework

Do Ex. 5(b), p. 73.

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