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Цілі: вдосконалювати навички читання, усного мовлення, уживання в мовленні граматичних структур і лексичних одиниць із теми, розвивати вміння послідовно висловлюватися іноземною мовою, мовну здогадку.


1. Warm-up

Brainstorm all words connected with the following key words: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving.

What holidays through the year do we have in Ukraine? (Home­work)

2. Listening

Listen to the story and answer the questions:

William is an English schoolboy. He is fourteen years old. It was December. William was very happy because he liked Christmas holidays very much.

All his friends — Henry, Rob, Jill and others — asked him to their parties. The children danced round the Christmas tree, played games and had a lot of nice things to eat.

One day there was a party at school. William went to the party with his elder sister Ann.

There was nice ice-cream at the school party and William ate quite a lot of it.

«Oh, William! This is the tenth ice-cream you are eating. What will people think of you?» said Ann.

«Oh, don’t worry, sister», William said. «Every time I take another ice-cream, I say, ’This is for my sister Ann’».

1) Did William have a good time during his winter holidays?

2) How much ice-cream did he eat at the school party?

3) Why was he sure that the people wouldn’t laugh at him?

3. Speaking and writing

Before discussing the text answer some questions about your school life.

1) When did you start school?

2) What subjects did you learn at the primary school?

3) Have you got more subjects now?

4) What holidays do you have during the school year?

Let’s discuss the text.

Are Ukrainian school holidays similar to British ones?

Let’s compare. Fill in the chart.


















Fill in the gaps.

In Britain the school year is usually divided into three (1) ____ .

Autumn term lasts from (2)______ till (3) _____ holiday, which is about two weeks. Then (4) _________ term — till Easter holiday (also two weeks), and sum­mer term, which lasts till (5) ____ . Summer holiday is about (6) ____ weeks.

In addition all schools have a (7) ____ , which lasts    a few days or a week in the (8) ____ of each term.

Now tell about British school holidays very shortly.

4. Speaking

Now let’s talk about celebrating birthdays.

At first give Ukrainian equivalents to the following words:

1) get cards and presents

2) one candle for each year of your age

3) blow out the candles

4) make a wish

5) nowadays

6) a bowling alley

Then answer the questions:

1) When were you born?

2) How do you usually spend your birthday?

3) Do you have a party at home or go out with your friends?

4) Do people in Britain celebrate their birthdays in the same way like you?

5) Are birthdays important for the British?

6) Name some ways how to celebrate a birthday.

Tell the class how you spent your last birthday party.

5. Writing Dictation

Write English equivalents to the following words:

Різдво, збиратися разом, святкувати, прикраси, прикрашати, традиційна їжа, індичка, зустрічати Новий рік, опівночі, братися за руки, більш важливе свято, ходити до церкви.

Now tell the class some sentences about celebrating different festi­vals in Great Britain.

6. Summary

1) What holidays are celebrated on the same date each year?

2) How do people celebrate New Year (Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Easter)?

3) What is the usual meal for these holidays?

7. Homework

Which month of the year would you prefer to visit Britain? Why? Write a short paragraph about it.

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