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Цілі: перевірити рівень умінь учнів з читання; виховувати почуття відповідальності.


Read the text and do the tasks.

A smart Lesson

Harry was always making excuses for forgetting to do things. His usual excuse was «I was too busy» or «I didn’t have time».

Harry’s parents were worried about him. «He mustn’t go through life making excuses all the time», his father said. «No one will trust him to do anything. He won’t be able to keep a job. No sensible girl will want to marry him».

«I don’t know what we can do», his mother said.

«I have an idea», his father said. «If this doesn’t work, nothing will».

The next day was Harry’s birthday. He was really looking forward to getting exciting presents. He woke up expecting his parents to wish him «Happy Birthday!» but all they said was «Good morning, Harry. Hurry, or you’ll be late for school». There were no presents, not even a card. He was very disappointed.

«Never mind», he thought. «There’ll be a surprise for me after school». But there wasn’t. Sadly he said to his parents at dinner, «To­day’s my birthday».

«Oh!» his father said. «So it is. I forgot.’

«So did I», his mother said.

«How could you forget?» Harry asked. «There must be a reason». «Well, yes», his father said. «We have a really good excuse for for­getting your birthday, Harry. We didn’t remember your birthday be­cause we were too busy».

Poor Harry. He never had a silly excuse for not doing something again.

Give short answers to these questions.

1) Was Harry always making excuses?

2) Were Harry’s parents worried about him?

3) Did his mother know what to do about him?

4) Did Harry get a birthday card from his parents?

5) Did his parents really forget his birthday?

Copy the true sentence about the story.

1) Harry’s parents forgot about his birthday.

2) Harry’s parents tried to teach him a lesson.

3) Harry’s parents were too busy to celebrate his birthday.

Answer the questions.

1) What did Harry make excuse for?

2) Whose birthday was it the next day?

3) What was he hoping to get?

4) What was he expecting when he woke up?

5) What did he get for his birthday?

6) What is the best moral of the story.

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