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II семестр







Цілі: формувати навички вживання нових лексичних одиниць; удосконалювати навички усного мовлення, аудіювання й читання; розвивати мовну здогадку; виховувати інтерес до іноземної мови, подорожування.


1. Warm-up

Read the poem using pictures and then learn it.

We go by car

And we go by train.

We go by boat

And we go by plane.

We go by land,

And see and air.

We go, go, go

From here to there.

2. Listening

Listen to your classmates’ compositions about their parties (home­work) and ask questions for more information.

Example: Have you got enough lemonade?

3. Speaking

Practise the new vocabulary.

Using pictures make up as many sentences as you can.



4. Reading and speaking

Work in pairs.

Do Ex. 3, p. 76.

Do Ex. 4, p. 77.

Complete the sentences.

1) Alex loves ___.

2) He visits different places on____ and for ___.

3) When he travels on business, he goes ___.

4) When he travels for pleasure, he goes ___.

5) It isn’t pleasant for him enough to travel ___.

Make up your own dialogue.

5. Listening

Listen to the story and answer the questions.

Mrs Walker lives in a big city and she works in a cafe. She has gone there by car every morning for twenty years. Then she was forty-five

years old, and she said to herself, «I’m fat now, because I go everywhere by car. I’m going to buy a bicycle».

She bought one, and after that she always went to her cafe on that, and not in her car. Sometimes all the cars stopped at a red light, and she went quickly past them to the front, because her bicycle was narrow. Then she was happy.

Yesterday she stopped at a red light, and a man came up behind her on another bicycle. He stopped too and said, «Have the police taken your driving licence away too?»

1) Does Mrs. Walker work in a shop?

2) Why did she decide to buy a bicycle?

3) Where did she stop one day?

4) Who came up behind her then?

5) What did he think about Mrs Walker?

6. Summary

Do Ex. 5, p. 77.

7. Homework

Make up and write down 10 questions about travelling.

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