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II семестр







Цілі: формувати навички вживання прислівників, нових лексичних одиниць і слів too, enough; удосконалювати навички письма з опорою на лексико-граматичні структури; розвивати мовленнєву реакцію учнів.


1. Warm-up

1) Do you like to travel?

2) Which types of travel have you tried? (Plane, boat, hitch-hiking...)

3) Which do you like best? Why?

4) When do you prefer to travel?

2. Speaking

Ask your classmates about their last travelling. (Homework)

3. Grammar practice

Explain the rule (p. 78), write similar example on the board and practise them chorally and individually.

Turn these adjectives into adverbs.

beautiful —               careful —                    careless —

bad —                       quick —                     hungry —

perfect —                   quiet —                     honest —

nice —                        loud —                      good —

Do Ex. 1, 2, p. 78.

4. Writing

Finish the sentences about a naughty boy.

1) He laughs very _________ (loud).

2) He runs upstairs very ___________ (noisy).

3) He dances_____________ (bad).

4) He shouts___________ (angry).

5) He does this work very ___________ (slow).

Agree with your partner.


I think he is a careful worker.

I agree. He works very carefully.

✵ good teacher

✵ fast translator

✵ hungry eaters

✵ honest player

✵ careless driver

✵ slow football player

5. Reading

Do Ex. 3, p. 79.

6. Grammar practice

Explain the rule (p. 79), write similar example on the board and practise them chorally and individually.



Make up as many sentences as you can.

Do Ex. 4, p. 79.

7. Writing

Fill in the gaps with enough, too much or too many.

1) You are very thin. You don’t eat ____.

2) I don’t like the weather. There’s ____ rain.

3) I can’t wait for them. I haven’t got _____ time.

4) You drink ____ coffee. It’s not good for you.

5) You don’t eat ____ fruit. You should eat more.

6) There was nowhere to sit on the bench. There were ____ people.

7) I can’t decide what to do because I haven’t got _____ information.

Fill in the gaps with too, enough and the following adjectives: big, busy, expensive, far, loud, sharp, warm, loud.

1) Please, turn the radio down. It’s ____ .

2) Can you turn up the radio, please? It isn’t _____ .

3) I don’t want to walk home. It’s _____ .

4) Don’t buy anything in that shop. It’s ____.

5) You can’t put all your things in this bag. It ____.

6) We didn’t go to the beach. It ____.

7) I can’t talk to you now. I _____.

8) I can’t cut anything with this knife. It ____.

8. Summary

1) Is it warm enough today to go out?

2) Was it really too cold yesterday?

3) Have you got enough money to buy this computer?

4) Have you got enough information to make this report?

5) Did they have too many players in the team?

9. Homework

Do Ex. 5, p. 79.

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