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Цілі: вдосконалювати навички читання й усного мовлення; удосконалювати навички вживання нових лексичних одиниць і монологічного висловлювання; розвивати мовну здогадку; розвивати пам’ять; виховувати любов до своєї країни, інтерес до іноземної мови, подорожування.


1. Warm-up

1) What’s your favourite place in your country? Is it popular with many people? Why?

2) Who are the most popular people in your country? What are they like? What do they do?

3) What have they done for your country?

4) What are the most popular activities and hobbies in your country? Why?

2. Speaking

Do Ex. 1, p. 114.

3. Reading

Read the texts in Ex. 2, p. 114 and match them with the photos.

4. Speaking

Read the new words on the board and practise them chorally and individually: a description, an impression, a lifestyle, a region, native, to describe, that’s why.

Find the sentences with them on the page and read them aloud.

5. Reading

Read about the people from different parts of Ukraine. Then answer the questions.

Who has got a baby daughter?

two teenage children?

Who lives at home?

with her mother?

in the country?

in a flat?

Who lives in the north?

in the south?

in the east?

in the west?

Who is a musician?

a pupil?

a rock lover?


Who works at an airport?

in a factory?

on a farm?


Anna Bondarenko. I’m 14 and I live with my mother in a small town in the north of Ukraine. I’m crazy about rock music that’s why I’ve learnt to play the guitar. I work hard at my lessons too, so I haven’t free time at all.

Stepan Kovalenko. I live at home with my family. We live in the country near Lutsk, which is the capital of Volyn Region and one of industrial centres of the Western Ukraine. I’m in the sixth form. My parents work on a farm and I often help them because I like animals.

Natali Boyko. I’m a musician and my husband works in a fac­tory. We live with our two teenage children in the centre of Kharkiv in a flat. We like travelling about Ukraine and sharing our impressions after that. That’s why we try to describe everything we see.

Alex Zotov. I work for the Ukrainian airlines. I work at the check-in desk at the airport in Simferopol. I live with my wife and baby daughter in a small flat in Simferopol. The Crimea is a wonderful place, that’s why we are fond of travelling about our native region and climb­ing in the Crimean mountains.

6. Reading and writing

Read the Fact Files in Ex. 3, p. 115. Then fill in the chart.




the UK







Size / territory






Special geographical features






Largest cities



Longest rivers






National food



Head of the state







Work in pairs

Make up your own dialogues using this chart.

7. Speaking

Do Ex. 3(b), p. 115.

8. Summary

Do Ex. 6, p. 115.

9. homework

Ex. 5, p. 115.

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