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Цілі: формувати лексичні навички й навички вимови; розвивати вміння читати й переказувати; удосконалювати навички усного мовлення; розвивати логічне мислення.


1. Warm-up Letter lottery

The teacher will need a box containing pieces of rolled up paper with letters of alphabet written on them, three for each student. Every pupil chooses three rolls with written letters. In a minute he or she has to re­member the words related to the topics «Ukraine» and «Travelling», whose names begin with the chosen letters. Finally, each participant presents the words and describes them.

2. Listening

Listen to the text about bears and answer the questions.

Bears Are Different

The brown bear is a large animal. It lives in the forest. Its coat is thick and rough. It eats wild fruit which it finds in the forest. It also like honey, and often spoils the hives of the wild bees. During the winter months the brown bear sleeps.

The polar bear lives in the cold north where there is always snow on the ground. It has got a coat of thick white fur. It is a very good swim­mer. In the sea the polar bear catches seals for its dinner. In summer the polar bear also looks for berries.

The koala bear is from Australia. It lives in trees, sleeps for most of the day and moves about and feeds at night. They eat eucalyptus leaves and seldom drink. Adult koala bears are not very big. They are only 0,5 metres tall.

The panda bear is one of the rarest animals in the world. It lives in the jungles of China. It is a large animal up to 2 metres long. It has got a coat of long black and white fur. It eats bamboo, plants and sometimes fish.

1) Which bear lives in the north?

2) Which bear likes eucalyptus leaves?

3) Which bear likes honey very much?

4) Which bear has got black and white fur?

5) Which bear sleeps in the forest in winter?

6) Which bear sleeps during the day time?

7) Which bear can swim well?

8) Which bear feeds fish and bamboo?

3. Reading Before you read

Look at the pictures and predict what the story is about.

Practise the new vocabulary.

New words to know.

✵ a hollow — дупло

✵ wild — дикий

✵ tiny — крихітний

✵ weak — слабкий

✵ to defend — захищати

✵ strength — сила

✵ unity — єдність

✵ an enemy — ворог

✵ to pay back — відплатити

✵ Just you try! — Тільки-но спробуй!

Ask pupils to read the text for gist and answer the questions:

1) Who wrote the story?

2) What is the story about?

3) What are the main characters?

True or False

Ask pupils to read the story again and say if the statements are True or False.

1) The bees lived inside the tree.

2) The bees thought the bear to be very strong.

3) The bear thought the bees to be tiny and weak.

4) The bear wanted the bees to give him their honey.

5) The bear wasn’t allowed to take the honey.

6) The bees hurt the bear hard.

7) The bees couldn’t defend themselves.

8) The bees taught the bear a lesson.

After you read

Answer the questions in Ex. 2, p. 118.

Rearrange the sentences according to the text.

1) The bees defended their home.

2) The bear promised to uproot the tree.

3) One day the bear came to the bee’s hollow.

4) The tiny bees taught a lesson the strong bear.

5) The bear asked the bees to give him their honey.

6) The bees hurt the bear when he pushed his head into the hollow.

4. Speaking

Do Ex. 3, p. 119.

5. Speaking and writing

Do Ex. 4, p. 119.

Key: 1 d, 2 e, 3 c, 4 g, 5 h, 6 a, 7 f, 8 b.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

A sound mind in a sound body.

Never late to learn.

Two heads are better than one.

He laughs the best who laughs last.

The early bird catches the worm.

Tastes differ.

Everything is good in its season.

6. Summary

What is the best moral of the story? Prove your opinion.

7. Homework

Ex. 5, p. 119.

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