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Цілі: вдосконалювати навички вживання лексичних одиниць у граматичних структурах різних часів та вживання сполучників, навички усного мовлення й письма; розвивати увагу дітей та кмітливість; виховувати інтерес до іноземної мови.


1. Warm-up

1) What is the most popular food in Kharkiv?

2) What is the most beautiful cafe in Kharkiv? What do you like abo­ut it?

3) What is the largest market place in Kharkiv? What can we buy there?

2. Reading and writing Work in pairs.

Ask pupils, A and B, to read their texts and write the answers to these questions.

1) What is Bohdan’s surname?

2) How old is he?

3) Where does he live?

4) How many sisters and brothers has he got?

5) What does his father do?

6) What does his mother do?

7) What form is he in?

8) Does he like school?

9) What is his favourite lesson?

10) What does he like doing?

11) What is he good at?

Pupil A’s text

Bohdan Bondarenko is ten years old. He lives in a suburb of Uzh- horod in the west of Ukraine. He’s got three brothers and a sister. His father is a driver. His mother sells potatoes in the market. Bohdan is a pupil of the fifth form. He likes school and learning English. His fa­vourite lessons are also Maths and Geography. He likes hiking the moun­tains and he is good at mountain biking.

Pupil B’s text

Bohdan Goncharenko is eleven years old. He lives in a suburb of Se­vastopol on the south coast of Ukraine. He’s got two brothers and a sis­ter. His father is a sailor. His mother sells fish in the market. Bohdan is a pupil of the sixth form. He doesn’t like school but he likes learning English. His favourite lesson is only PE. He likes sailing and he is good at surfing.

Compare the information.

Pupils work with their partners. Pupil A starts and Pupil B inter­rupts at each point of difference. Example:

A. His surname is Bondarenko.

B. No, it isn’t. His surname is Goncharenko.

A. He’s ten years old.

B. No, he isn’t. He’s eleven years old.

3. Grammar practice

Explain the rule how to use the linking words (p. 120) and do Ex. 1, p. 120.

4. Speaking

Do Ex. 2, p. 120.

5. Grammar practice

Revise using the tenses and do Ex. 3, p. 121.


a) has lived, is growing, goes, likes, because, are

b) has, is called, works, another, worked, did not like, makes, now, enjoyable

c) wants, has to, gets, catches, starts, for, begin, gets, at, was

d) his, phoned, is, has gone, has left, said, shall, Steve’s. pointed. been, over, had to, late

6. Summary

Complete the sentences.

1) Ukraine is and ___ country.

2) The climate is subtropical in the south of Ukraine so ___.

3) Every year many people travel to the Crimea because ___.

4) Travelling by car to the Crimea is very long, but ____.

7. Homework

Write a short paragraph about yourself using and, but, so, because.

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