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Цілі: формувати навички вживання нових лексичних одиниць; удосконалювати навички аудіювання й усного мовлення з опорю на лексико-граматичні структури; удосконалювати навички монологічного висловлювання; розвивати культуру спілкування; виховувати доброзичливе ставлення до співрозмовника.


1. Warm-up

1) What season comes after spring?

2) How many months are there in summer?

3) What months have 31 days?

4) What is the weather usually like in summer?

Learn the poem.

This is the season

When nights are short,

And children have plenty

Of fun and sport,

Boating, swimming

All day

With a merry song

On a sunny day.

2. Listening

Listen to the text and answer the questions.

Our environment

A long time ago most towns and villages were very small. The number of people who lived in every country was much smaller than it is today too. There was no heavy industry, only agriculture and arts and crafts, and none of these things destroyed our environment. People didn’t use chemicals. There were no cars. There were no factories. There was very little pollution.

Sadly, our environment is much dirtier now than it was in the past. This is a problem because the best way for us to be healthy is to live in a clean environment.

The air and water are much dirtier than they used to be. The air is full of pollutants of various kinds — smoke from cars and factories, and such things as insect sprays. The water is polluted with chemicals from factories and split oil from ships. This means that we are gradually de­stroying one of our major food sources — the oceans of the world.

We should try to find ways of making our environment cleaner and stopping future pollution. We should learn how we can help to make the world a cleaner and healthier place.

1) Were towns and villages bigger a long time ago?

2) Is the world cleaner now than in the past?

3) Does the passage tell us how to stop pollution?

4) Why is a clean environment important?

5) What pollutes the water?

6) What are the oceans a source of?

3. Writing Work in pairs.

Discuss, make up and write down a list of summer activities. Com­pare whose list is longer (go to the camp; swim in the river, ride a bike.)

4. Speaking

Answer the questions and talk about summer plans.

1) Do you begin to plan your holidays now?

2) Where would you like to spend your summer holidays?

3) Would you like to travel with your parents or with your friends?

4) What would you like to see?

5. Reading

Read the dialogue in Ex. 1, p. 270 and act it out.

6. Speaking

Answer the questions in Ex. 2, p. 140.

7. Summary

1) Do you like summer? Why?

2) Have you ever been to the other countries?

3) Where did you go?

4) What do you prefer: to have active rest or stay at home and sleep?

8. homework

Write a short paragraph where you went last summer.

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