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Цілі: формувати навички вживання граматичних структур майбутнього часу і going to; удосконалювати навички вживання нових лексичних одиниць у цих лексико-граматичних структурах; розвивати мовленнєву реакцію учнів; виховувати увагу, уміння чітко виконувати інструкції вчителя.


1. Warm-up

1) Have you got a holiday home?

2) If yes, where is it? Can you describe it?

3) If no, would you like a holiday home? Where?

4) Do you think you need lots of money to have a good holiday?

2. Speaking Work in pairs.

Make up short dialogues using the prompts.

1) Where did you spend your summer holidays?

2) With whom did you spend your summer holidays?

3) What did you do?

4) When did it happen?



With whom?

What did you do?


in a summer camp

in a sports camp

in a holiday centre

in the country on the bank of the river

at the seaside

with my friends

with my parents

with my family alone

read books watched TV went fishing swam in the river played football listened to records went to the forest earned money travelled

in summer

in July

on Sundays

at weekends

in the evenings



—   Where did you spend your summer holidays?

—   In the country.

—   Oh, no, it was boring!

—   What did you do?

—   I swam in the river.

—   It was great!

3. Grammar practice

Explain the rule (Future Simple), write similar examples on the board and practise them chorally and individually.

Make up as many sentences as you can.



Do Ex. 1, p. 142.

4. Reading

Explain the rule how to use the Future Simple Tense and to be going to and read the examples in Ex. 2, p. 142.

Complete the sentences. Choose going to or will.

1) Dan hasn’t done his homework. He ___ get a bad mark.

2) Sally and Dolly are playing in the rain. They ____ get wet.

3) In the future we won’t travel by plane. We____ ____ travel by rocket.

4) Great! The sun is shining. It ____ be a nice day.

5) Goodbye! I ____ call you in the evening.

6) Don’t worry! We ____ do it.

7) We should buy a tent and sleeping bags. Next week we ____ go camp­ing.

8) He’s riding his bike too fast. He ____ fall off.

9) In the future almost everybody ____ use the Internet.

10) OK. We ____ meet tomorrow and discuss this problem.

Do Ex. 3, p. 143.

5. Grammar practice

Explain how to use do and make and do Ex. 4, p. 143.

6. Writing

Do Ex. 5. p. 143.

7. Listening

Listen to the text and answer the questions.

Jane and Liz didn’t go to school today. They stayed at home because they felt bad. Their mother hopes that there is nothing serious and the girls will go to school tomorrow. So she isn’t going to call a doctor. The girls are bored. They are going to watch their favourite series on TV. In the evening Liz is going to call her friend to ask about the homework.

1) Why didn’t Jane and Liz go to school?

2) Will they go to school tomorrow?

3) Why isn’t their mother going to call a doctor?

4) Why are they going to see the series?

5) Who is going to phone their friend?

8. Summary

1) Where are you going to spend your summer holidays?

2) Who are you going to travel with?

3) What are you going to take with you?

9. Homework

Using the model, write about your plans for the next week.

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