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Цілі: формувати лексичні навички й навички вимови; розвивати вміння читати й переказувати; удосконалювати навички усного мовлення; розвивати логічне мислення.


1. Warm-up

What do you know about Australia?

1) What is the capital of Australia?

a) Sydney

b) Melbourne

c) Canberra

2) When did Europeans settle in Australia?

a) 1488

b) 1788

c) 1901

3) Which is/are a popular Australian animal(s)?

a) Koala

b) Kangaroo

c) Emu

d) All of the above

4) Who are the Australian natives?

a) Eskimos

b) Aborigines

c) Indians

5) Who discovered Australia?

a) Christopher Columbus

b) Captain Cook

c) Lewis and Clark

6) Australia is NOT a(an) ____.

a) Country

b) Island

c) City

d) Continent

7) What is the official language in Australia?

a) French

b) German

c) English

8) In which season do Australians celebrate Christmas?

a) Spring

b) Summer

c) Autumn

d) Winter

2. Listening

Listen to the text and answer the questions.

The Maori people are the native people of New Zealand. It is believed that they came to the Land of the Long White Cloud (the Maori name for New Zealand) about 1000 years ago.

When Captain Cook and his men landed in New Zealand in 1769, they saw a group of tall, strong people with brown skin and tattooed bodies. They were good hunters. They were warm-hearted and friendly.

They lived in wooden houses and had wooden boats, and they often cut beautiful shapes into the wood they worked with. They caught birds and fish and grew sweet potatoes for food. The Maori of those times had no written language, so all their traditions were handed down orally. They used songs, dances and carvings to tell stories of the past that held les­sons for the young.

1) Who were the native people in New Zealand?

2) Who discovered New Zealand?

3) Which of the countries was discovered earlier: Australia or New Zealand?

4) What was the Maoris’ lifestyle like?

5) Did the have written language? Then how do we know about their past?

3. Reading

Ask pupils to read the text for gist and answer the questions:

1) What is the story about?

2) Who are the main characters?

Ask pupils to read the story again and do Ex. 2, p. 150.

4. Speaking

Make up short dialogues using the following models:

1) — Where are you going to spend your holidays this summer?

    — I don’t know exactly but I’d like to ____.

2) — Where do you usually spend summertime?

    — We usually ____ but this summer we are going to ____.

3) — How do you usually travel?

    — We usually travel by train but this time we are going to travel by car.

4) — What about your plans for this summer?

    — I am not sure, but I think I’ll ____.

5. Writing

Write down the list of places which you have visited before and the list of place which you would like (you are going) to visit this summer.

6. Speaking

Do Ex. 3, p. 151

7. Summary

1) Do you enjoy looking round cities?

2) What kind of places do you enjoy visiting?

3) What is the most interesting place that you have visited? Why?

4) Which place would you most like to visit? Why?

8. Homework

Make up several questions to interview your classmate about his / her plans for the holidays this year.

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