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Цілі: вдосконалювати навички читання, усного мовлення, уживання в мовленні граматичних структур і лексичних одиниць із теми, удосконалювати навички вимови; розвивати вміння послідовно висловлюватися іноземною мовою; розвивати мовну здогадку; виховувати інтерес до іноземної мови, подорожування.


1. Warm-up

1) Do you begin to plan your summer holidays now?

2) Will you go to the country, to the camp, to the seaside or to another city?

3) When will you go there?

4) How much time are you going to spend there?

5) Would you like to travel in summer?

6) What places would you like to visit?

2. Speaking

Present your seven-day holiday programme for people who want to visit Ukraine. (Homework)

3. Listening

Listen to the text and do the tasks.

The Indian and Two Travellers

Two men were travelling in a very wild part of America. They saw no modern houses and no traces of civilization for many days. What they saw were only a few huts made of wood or tents where Indians lived. One day they met an old Indian who did not work but hunted animals and ate them as his food. He was very clever and knew everything about the for­est and the animals living in it and many other things. He could also speak English quite well.

«Can you tell us what the weather will be like during the next few days?» one of the two travelers asked him. «Oh, yes», he said. «Rain is coming, and wind. Then there will be snow for a day or two but then the sunshine will come again and the weather will be fine». «These old Indi­ans seem to know more about nature than we with all our science», said the man to his friend. Then he turned to the old Indian.

«Tell me», he said, «how do you know all that?»

The Indian answered: «I heard it on the radio».

True or False

1) There were two travellers.

2) They were travelling in a very wild part of Africa.

3) One day they met a young Indian.

4) The Indian hunted animals and sold them.

5) The Indian couldn’t speak English at all.

6) The travellers thought the Indian was very clever.

Complete the sentences with the suitable words.


Rainy                                            modern houses                                    nature                                     work                                 on the radio                                  wooden huts


1) The travellers didn’t see any ____.

2) They saw only ____.

3) The Indian didn’t ____.

4) The Indian knew everything about _____.

5) The weather was going to be _____.

6) The Indian heard about the weather _____.

4. Writing and speaking

Do Ex. 4, p. 155.

5. Speaking

Do Ex. 5, p. 155.

Use examples from Lesson 74 (6), Lesson 92 (1) for help.

6. Listening Elephants funny riddles

1) Why are the elephants grey and wrinkled? (Have you ever tried ironing an elephant?)

2) What’s grey, has four legs, and a trunk? (A mouse going on ho­liday.)

3) What does an elephant do when it rains? (Gets wet.)

4) What is the difference between an elephant and a plum? (An elephant is grey.)

5) What do you call an elephant on a bus? (A passenger.)

6) What is red outside, grey inside, and very crowded? (A bus full of elephants.)

7) Why are elephants found in Africa? (Because they’re so big, they don’t get lost.)

8) What do you do when an elephant has a cold? (Run like mad if it sneezes.)

9) What is the difference between an Indian and an African elephant? (About three thousand miles.)

7. Summary

1) Can you imagine the most incredible holidays?

2) Where would you like to spend them? With whom?

3) What unusual souvenirs would you like to bring back with you?

4) What impressions are you looking forward to?

8. Homework

Write a short paragraph about your ideal place for a holiday.

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