УСІ УРОКИ АНГЛІЙСЬКОЇ МОВИ 6 клас - За підручником О. Д. Карп'юк - 2014 рік



Урок 19. Повторення вивченого матеріалу

Мета: повторити вивчений лексико-граматичний матеріал; удосконалювати навички усного та писемного мовлення.

Обладнання: підручник, матеріали для завдань.




Т. Hello, children! How are you today? I hope, you are nice and you’ll be energetic during the lesson.

The main ideas of the lesson are:

□ «In time of test, family is the best».

□ «Parents are the first teachers of the children».

So, we are speaking about families, relatives and friends.


Перевірка домашнього завдання

Впр. 4, 5, с. 43.

Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу

Т. Now we are going to play the game «Let’s Tell».

  1. Name all words you know connected with the topic «Family».
  2. Name only adjectives which can describe the family.
  3. Name only verbs to describe the family.

Т. Answer my questions.

  1. When is the family friendly?
  2. What is the most important rule in the family?
  3. Why do family members have to share the household chores?
  4. How often the family members meet?
  5. Why is it important to keep the family traditions?
  6. What do the members look like?
  7. What are they different in?
  8. How many people are there in your family?

Виконання вправ на повторення

Т. Finish the sentences:

  1. My mother is fond of ... .
  2. My father is fond of ... ,
  3. My elder sister is fond of ... .
  4. My younger brother is fond of ... .
  5. My aunt is fond of ... .
  6. My uncle is fond of ... .
  7. My grandmother is fond of ... .
  8. My grandfather is fond of ... .
  9. I am fond of ... .
  10. The next game is «Sentence Game». Translate these word-combinations and make sentences with them in:

□ Present Simple

□ Past Simple

□ Future Simple

□ Present Perfect

  1. Well done! Look at the blackboard and match the words with their definitions:

1) to get on well

a) to look after

2) to care

b) to be in good relations

3) advice

c) large

4) extended

d) recommendation

5) your father’s or mother’s parents

e) parents

6) your father and mother

f) grandparents

7) a general word for all the people

8) in the family

g) relatives


Text «Why are the Londoners looking at photos today?»

Етап підготовки до аудіювання

  1. Pupils, look at this photo, please! Is it old or new? Who are these people? You are right. It is a family and the photo is very old.

Етап аудіювання

  1. Listen to the text and tick True (+) or False (-) sentences.


The Londoners are doing a project at school about the history of their families. They are looking at photos for their project. Their favourites are the old photos of their great-grandparents.

Rob. Look, this is a photo of my granddad and his mum and dad. My granddad is the baby! He was two months old in this picture.

Mark. When was that?

Rob. In 1940.

Mark. How old was his mother, your great-grandmother, in his picture?

Rob. She was thirty, I think.

Mark. Was your great-grandad thirty?

Rob. No, he wasn’t. He was about forty.

Mark. What were their names?

Rob. Alberto and Flavia.

Mark. They are strange names.

Rob. Yes, my great-grandparents weren’t British. They were Italian. My grandparents and my dad are Italian too.

Mark. Oh, I remember your grandparents. They were here last summer. Were they on holiday?

Rob. Yes, they were. They come to London every summer. I always speak Italian to them.

ü Tick True (+) or False (-)

  1. Rob’s grandad was two months old in 1940.
  2. His grandmother was thirty in 1940.
  3. Alberto and Flavia were Rob’s grandparents.
  4. Rob’s great-grandparents were British.
  5. Rob’s grandparents were Italian.
  6. Rob’s grandparents come to England every summer.

Answer: 1 +; 2 +; 3 -; 4 -; 5 +; 6 +.

Перевірка розуміння почутого

  1. Correct the false sentences.

Tell me, please: do you have old photos at home? Do you often look at them?

Перевірка орфографії та граматики

  1. Thank you for your interesting stories. But there is one text about Jimmy’s family.

ü Find 12 spelling and grammar mistakes in a story about one family.

Story «What's wrong?"

My friend live in london. His name is Jimmy. He ofen writes to me and I know very much about his famili. Jimmy hes got a sister. Her name is Betty. She is to younger then Jimmy. Their perents are young. Their father is Mr.Johnson. he a doctor. Their mather is Mrs Johnson. She is a doctor, to.

Jimmy’s grandfather and grandmother are not old. They live on a farm near the see. Jimmy and Betty like to stay at the farm in summer.


Підбиття підсумків уроку

  1. Thank you for your work. Let’s finish our talking and draw a conclusion. I think we have discussed a lot of important questions and do a lot of work. Your marks are...

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