УСІ УРОКИ АНГЛІЙСЬКОЇ МОВИ 6 клас - За підручником О. Д. Карп'юк - 2014 рік



Урок 43. Повторення вивченого матеріалу

Мета: узагальнювати та систематизувати знання учнів у межах теми «Спорт»; вдосконалювати навички усного та писемного мовлення; виховувати культуру спілкування.

Обладнання: підручник, матеріали для завдань.




Т. Good morning, pupils. How are you? Who is on duty today?

Ps. Good morning. I’m on duty today.

Т. Today we’ll speak about sports and sport games. We are going to refresh your knowledge of the names of sports. You’ll be able to guess a crossword.


Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу

Т — P1, P2, P3

— Do you like sport?

— Do you going in for sports? And you?

— Is sport important in our life?

— What kind of sport do you prefer?

— Who is famous in football?

Мозковий штурм

Т. How does the sport help us in everyday life? What is the use of going in for sports?


Т. Can you solve the crossword?


1. It is favourite kind of sport in England.

2. The only person who can touch the ball with his hands, hold it and throw it.


1. A kind of sport on two wheels.

2. It is the winter game. Only men and boys can play it.

3. You need a ball and a high net.

Keys: Across: 1 football; 2 goalkeeper. Down: 1 cycling; 2 hockey; 3 volleyball.

Тест "Olympic Games"

T. Now we are going to revise the facts about the history of the Olympic Games. Do you know now who decided to organize them again? P. It was Pierre de Coubertin.

T. Right, and now let’s do the test work. Open your copybooks and write down the date. Now, look at the screen. Write the numbers from 1 to 6 and answer the questions.

1. The first games were held in ... .

a) London

b) Olympia

c) Athens

2. The games were organized every ... .

a) four years

b) five years

c) six years

3. The ancient winners got ... .

a) palm wreaths

b) olive wreaths

c) laurel wreaths

4. The competitions of athletes were only for ... .

a) women

b) children

c) men

5. Olympic Games cannot take place in a country which is ... .

a) at peace

b) at war

c) far from Greece

6. The Olympic Games is the symbol of ... .

a) peace and friendship

b) politics

c) business

Let’s check up the answers. Who gave more correct answers? Who was the best? I agree that ... is the best.


T. Today you have done a lot of activities. Which one did you like? The lesson is over. Thank you for your work! Your marks are. Good-bye.

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