УСІ УРОКИ АНГЛІЙСЬКОЇ МОВИ 6 клас - За підручником О. Д. Карп'юк - 2014 рік



Урок 47. Семестрове оцінювання з читання

Мета: контроль сформованості навичок читання.




Т. Today is semester test on reading.


Повідомлення результатів семестрового оцінювання з говоріння

Учитель повідомляє про результати виконання тесту з говоріння й аналізує типові помилки.

Перевірка сформованості навичок читання

1-й варіант

I. Read.

Text "Our school year by Rob"

We start school at the beginning of September. It’s autumn but it’s sometimes very sunny. At the end of autumn it’s usually cold and windy. It’s sometimes stormy and it’s often cloudy and rainy too. There’s a special day in autumn — November 5th — Guy Fawkes’ Day. On this day we make a Guy — a man — from newspapers and clothes. Then we burn him on a bonfire and watch fireworks.

Winter is a good season! I play football for the school team. There’s a match every Saturday and our team usually wins. It’s always cold in winter and it’s sometimes snowy too. We can’t play football then.

I like spring. It’s sometimes rainy but it’s usually sunny — and we have a good time at school! We always go on school trips in spring. We visit interesting places — castles and take sandwiches for lunch.

Summer is my favourite season. It’s usually sunny and hot. We always have Sports Day in June. Vicki’s a great runner and she usually wins the class race. The school year ends in the middle of July and then it’s the summer holidays!

II. Choose titles for the paragraphs.

a) Spring School Trips

b) Winter Sports

c) Summer Sports Day

d) A Special Day in Autumn

III. Answer.

1. When does the school year start in Britain?

2. What do children do on Guy Fawkes’ Day?

3. What does Rob do every Saturday in winter?

4. Where do the Londoners go with their school in spring?

5. What does Vicki usually win on Sports Day?

6. When does the school year end in Britain?

2-й варіант

I. Read.

Dear Pedro,

Thank you for your letter. You’re a very good pen friend! And thanks for the photo of your friends. Rosita is very pretty!

Here’s a photo of «Vicki, Kim, Rob and me. Kim’s a new girl in our class. She’s from London but her mother is from Scotland and her father is from Wales. A lot of Londoners have got parents from other parts of Great Britain and from other countries. Rob’s dad is Italian and Rob often visits his grandparents in Italy. Lucky him!

Do you remember Jenny? Well, Jenny doesn’t go to our school now. She’s in Australia! Her dad’s got a new job in Melbourne. She doesn’t write letters to us — she sends emails to my parents’ computer!

Do you like your town? What do you do there? London’s great! It’s got a fantastic zoo and lots of amazing museums and parks. You can do lots of things here. I usually go to a football match on Saturday afternoons. Rob plays for the school football team. He’s brilliant!

My friends and I sometimes go to the ice rink or the cinema and every Wednesday we go to an indoor swimming pool. Yicki’s a fantastic swimmer. Kim doesn’t like swimming under water and I don’t like diving. I always do a belly flop! Please send some photos of Mexico City.

Your friend, Mark.

II. Correct the sentences.

1. The Londoners live in Mexico City.

The Londoners don’t live in Mexico City. They live in London.

2. Rob visits his parents in Italy.

3. Jenny sends letters to the Londoners.

4. Mark goes to football matches on Fridays.

5. Rob plays in a school basketball team.

6. The Londoners go to the ice rink every Wednesday.

III. Ask and answer.

1. Who is the new girl in Mark’s class?

2. Is the new girl a Londoner?

3. Where are Kim’s parents from?

4. Why is Jenny in Australia?

5. Is there a zoo in London?

6. Where do the Londoners go every Wednesday?

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