УСІ УРОКИ АНГЛІЙСЬКОЇ МОВИ 6 клас - За підручником О. Д. Карп'юк - 2014 рік



Урок 97. Річне оцінювання з аудіювання

Мета: контроль сформованості навичок аудіювання.




Т. Today is year test on listening.


Перевірка сформованості навичок аудіювання

Етап підготовки до аудіювання

New words

□ Hike — піша екскурсія

□ Walk — прогулянка

□ Especially — особливо

□ Bank of the river — на березі річки

□ Rucksack — рюкзак

□ Tent — намет

□ Competitions — змагання

□ Campfire — вогнище

Етап аудіювання

ü Listen to the text twice.

Text "Traveling on foot. Hiking"

A long walk in the country is very interesting. Such a walk is called a hike. And when you go for a walk in the country, you say that you are going on a hike.

Why is hiking such a nice thing for many people, especially for schoolchildren and students?

Well, a hike is a walk for pleasure in the open air. You don’t need to think about tickets, timetables and other things like these. Usually a hike is a good time for friends to spend some days or even a daytogether in the forest, on a bank of the river or in the countryside. What you need is a rucksack with all the things you will use on a hike and a group of your best friends or classmates.

It has become a very good tradition for the pupils of some schools to go hiking. At the beginning of the school year when the classmates meet again after their summer holidays, they go on a hike. They take some tents, rucksacks and a guitar with them and go somewhere to the forest not far from the town. They have a very good time together: walk in the forest, have sport competitions. In the evening they sit round the camp fire, sing favourite songs and speak about their last summer holidays.

Перевірка розуміння почутого

  1. Fill the sentences.
  2. A hike is a walk for pleasure in the ... .
  3. They have a very ... .
  4. In the evening they sit round ... .
  5. Only thing you need is ... .
  6. Choose a, b, c.
  7. Hiking is very popular among ... .
  8. a) old people
  9. b) young people
  10. c) little children
  11. On a hike you take ... .
  12. a) a suitcase
  13. b) a school bag
  14. c) a rucksack
  15. On a hike you don’t need ... .
  16. a) to take food
  17. b) to buy tickets
  18. c) to put on comfortable shoes
  19. Hiking is ... .
  20. a) a long walk in the country
  21. b) riding a bike
  22. c) driving a car

III. Answer the questions.

  1. Do you need to think about tickets?
  2. How do we call the long walk in the country?
  3. Where do the children go for hiking?
  4. When do they sing songs?

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